Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Revolution's Games

Welcome back guys,

I'ts my time, I'm gonna take it
I keep writing here. Writing words that aren't writed every day though.
Words that for some people aren't the truth. But I'm not here to tell you what is the truth
or not.
I'm here to write my blog for those who are still believing in me.
I respect your opinion but you don't respect me yet. I don't care it.

Who knows? For you, maybe I'm saying the truth or maybe I'm a "bullshiter". I know who am I. I'm Osoko Tanaka.

So today I'm gonna talk about "Revolution Games". Yeah, cause it will be a revolutionary part.

Games are the most important thing for a videogame system. But we can't always play to the same thing.
We could be bored on it.
Nintendo has thought on it. Revolution will let you to play on a different way.
And like I said, it will be thanks to the controller pad.

But...What has the controller pad to be the most important thing?

With this controller pad you'll can feel things.
You'll wonder why, doesn't it?

Sorry but I can't speak about it so much. But let me tell you guy it will have a GREAT TECHNOLOGY.
We need a technology to can feel the things, doesn't it?
And what things do we feel? (...)

What about games?
Nintendo is working too hard on it. And we'll see a new second party working with Nintendo.
And let me tell you all companies are too impressed on Revolution. They thought it will be the greatest system for the next generation system. SEGA thinks so. Konami too.
Hideo Kojima has talked about the next generation and he said some interesting things. Yeah, we'll see a perfect konami game for Revolution. Exclusive for Revolution. ONLY for revolution...why?
Cause Revolution is the one system who can let play this kind of game.
PS3 and Xbox360 can't handle this kind of game.

I'll keep writing about Revolution's Games. But that's all today.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Broadway, a great DUAL processor

Despite the people who only can insult me, and want to blow me away,
I'm gonna keep talking about Revolution.
Today, is the "Broadway" turn.

First of all, I'm glad cause there are some people who is trying to say I'm a fake.
And that's why cuz in their words exist the word "trust".
So my question is...If they don't trust in me, Why are they keep reading my blog?
Oh! Didn't you believe in me? Why are you wasting your time with my blog?
Please, get away from my blog if you don't want to believe me.

I'm not here to prove I'm a fake or not, I'm here to write my blog to the people who still
believe in me. For these people: Thanks. I'm really glad.

On the other hand, there are some people who only can hurt me saying I said "RS fake" was true.

You know, I have a poor enlgish, I know it. I put "RS fake pic" to say Revolution will use
HD-DVD and not to say this pic is true(...).
Anyway, you're free to think anything about me. I respect you.

But let me tell you guy I said Nintendo won't use DVD for Revolution Games(...)
and my proof is that Nintendo had said "12cm discs designed for Revolution" after I said it.
And if there is someone who still believe in me, I wanna tell you the next thing: Revolution will play HD-DVD
Nintendo is against piracy(...) and the DVD way wouldn't be a good way to fight against it.
Nintendo had thought about all these troubles all along.

What about the 19th day? IGN has your answers like I said, all your answers. This day was for IGN.
I thought Nintendo would reveal Revolution for nintendo fans but, to protect Revolution,
they decided to show it ONLY FOR IGN...Uh, Matt?

Why do you think IGN has too many information about Revolution? And there is some information
that they couldn't reveal yet, I can understand them, it's obvious(...)

They can't reveal what will be the controller pad(...). Oh! feel is good, doesn't it?

So, let's go to talk about Broadway. Like I said, it will be too potent and it...
will be a great DUAL processor.

Broadway was developed in Austin, Texas where about 6,500 people work mainly in software,
hardware and semiconductor design. Broadway will be produced at IBM's East Fishkill, N.Y., factory.

It will be better than Xbox360's processor.

Yeah, Broadway will be too potent and more porwerful than it.

I can tell you guy that Broadway will be 40% faster than G5 processors.
A dual processor of G5 means 2,7Ghz (2700Mhz) each one more or less.

Broadway will be a great Dual processor with a fast bus.
Revolution will be a pretty fast system.

That's all, I cannot tell you anymore.
But I'll keep writing my blog anyway

See you later...

I wanna answer the next user:

For Serginho: You'll can use your Wifi internet connection for your DS.
You'll also can connect your DS in a Portugal's mall where there will
be the chance to connect your DS to can play Online.


P.D: If there is someone who wants some answer from me, please, put a Nickname ;)

Monday, May 23, 2005

Nintendo Revolution's Power

Hi guys,

First of all, there are some people who comment using my name (blue color) and my URL profile.
This is a reason to say I'm not gonna comment anything, so if you see my name (blue color) and it drives you to my profile, it won't be me. But I'll keep reading all your comments and trying to answer them here.

On the other hand,I know that you want to know if Revolution will be a powerful system.
I know you're worried about it. Don't worry. It's an important aspect.
Nintendo is trying to "call" all gamers: "Casual gamers", for example is an important sector.
"Casual gamers" want "casual games" and power too.

DreamCast and PlayStation 2. Do you remember? PlayStation 2 was more powerful than DreamCast.
Maybe it could be a reason that has done that "casual gamers" buy PlayStation 2(...)

If Nintendo wants "casual gamers", they MUST do a powerful System and Nintendo has thought about it.
And not only a powerful system. Great Games to can eclipe any game (Hallo Killer, for example...).
Hollywood and Broadway, are the perfect combination.

"We are pleased to enter into this major technology development agreement with Nintendo."
Said ... ATI Technologies Inc (...)
"we’re looking forward to delivering technologies for future Xbox and Nintendo products" (...)

Yeah, it's too important to have the most powerful GPU to continue delivering technologies for Nintendo, for example(...)

Hollywood is the perfect name for one of the best GPU.

I'll continue saying the same: Nintendo Revolution is more powerful than Xbox 360 and
it can blow xbox360 away(...).

So you'll wonder why. I've not been on the GPU development

Let's see the reasons, I'm not gonna speak about it so much althought(...):

I want to thank an internal source from Nintendo for his information(...):

-533-600 MHz custom-designed chip
-16 MB embedded eDRAM

More powerful than Xbox 360(...)... I can't say anymore.

Nintendo DS has 2 cores. For Nintendo, this is a good idea . Maybe, you think Revolution
has 2 cores(...).

That's all guys, see you later...

Saturday, May 21, 2005

So, What means Nintendo Online?

Hi guys, I'm really glad. Despite there are some people who don't want to read my blog cuz they think I'm a lier(...). I respect them.I'm here. Writing this blog to the people who still believe in my words.So, let's go:
I'll continue to say the same: Revolution isn't the real name(...) cause Nintendo has always put a provisional name.I'm gonna talk about one of the best part of Revolution: Nintendo Online

Nintendo Online is also a provisional name (like Revolution), a codename.I'm sure it will be changed. Nintendo Online Is the name that Nintendo is calling to his online service.
(RS...Revolution Service?)...

I'm really impressed on Nintendo because it is working too hard to have the best game onlinethat you've ever seen. Nintendo Online will be very very very cool. It won't be an exclusive service to play online.So, I won't speak about all Nintendo Online's ideas cause it can hurt Nintendo(...).
But, I'm gonna tell you guy that Nintendo Online will be a "multiservice" anyway.For example, you'll can download Revolution's demos from this service and, the best of all,you can use Nintendo Online to download demos to your Nintendo DS too. It's really cool.

Nintendo DS will can detect Revolution. So you'll wonder why.
Do you remember when Nintendo has said on the E3 conference that Revolution will can emulate allNintendo Systems?And DS is a Nintendo System. Doesn't it? (...)It's really cool. I'm impressed. Yeah, Nintendo is working too hard. So, I'm sure it'll hitthe xbox live service(...).
It's obvious you'll can download nintenod's games (like N64, NES...) with this online service.and save them to your Secure Digital Card, for example.I heard, from an internal source, you'll can put to your Revolution a HD (it will be optional).

What about the other ideas? I'm not gonna speak so much about it, you'll be impressed, like me.
Nintendo Revolution will have too many online games. What about the other games?
Square is working hard, too hard(...). What about Hallo killer? Hallo Killer (I'll continue saying it won't be Metroid Prime 3) will be online(...)

And, who has said pokemon online? (...)Nintendo, will hit the next generation with this service. I'm sure.
To sum up, I wanna tell you guy that I've always read your comments and I've seen there aresome people who speak using my name on a blue color. So, when you see it, please, click on this nameand you'll see it isn't me. When I comment some thing, my name is blue and it can drives you to my profile.
See you later guys...

Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm Osoko Tanaka. I'm not a fake

Maybe all you have felt betrayed or maybe all you think I'm so fake or maybe that I'm a guy who only spends his time on this blog. Here I am.I know what you think:
You think I lie on the internet. I lie to forums and WebSites who, who tell my lies to more and more people. I am just a part of a big cycle of lies, I should be fuckin' president. Osoko Tanaka is a fake and so am I.
But you wrong.
If there is someone who still believe in me, I wanna tell you guy, I'm not a "bullshiter".I've read all your comments and I can understand you. It's your opinion.How do you feel? Do you think I don't know it?
Nintendo has decided to show Revolution only to IGN. IGN, like I said all along, has the exclusive. IGN has seen the Revolution and Where is this Revolution.
IGN has seen the Revolution's demostration but it can't reveal anything about this demostration(...) Nintendo is afraid. And you, like a nintendo fan, should understand to Nintendo. Nintendo doesn't want thatSony or Microsoft steal the revolution ideas.
And, like I heard in a inside source, Nintendo will increase the Revolution technology(...).

Revolution is so much powerful and it can belongs to the next generation.Don't care about it. Gamecube's power has been increased anyway when Nintendo had showed itsome years ago.
Nintendo has betrayed to me cause I thought it will reveal all Revolution ideas to the fans.But, like a old employee, I can understand Nintendo and it's obvious(...) Sony and Microsoft would be afraid if they see revolution ideas and so, theywould try to copy these ideas to can win(...)
IGN has talked about Revolution's new data, so you should trust in me when I say youIGN has all your answers. But IGN can't reveal so much.
I'm sure that Nintendo will bit all rivals. Be patient, you are a nintendo fan.You've always put your trust in Nintendo. Continue doing it.

Sincerely, Osoko Tanaka

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Big N returns

The Big N returns...tomorrow. 19th the great Day. Your Day. The day that all you've been waiting.

Since I saw Revolution and RS, videogames have changed. This change is better.
I'm sure you'll say the same...tomorrow.
"touch is good, but feel is better" is a memorable quote which can describe RS.
Nintendo hasn't shown the full Revolution. You don't see anything yet. You can't feel disappointed.
You don't have a reason to be worried.

Let me check the next thing:
"2 or 3 times...than GC..."

Hahahaha. So, honestly, Did you listen something about Revolution from Satoru Iwata on Nintendo's conference? Not yet? So...
Why can you be sure that Revolution isn't too potent?
Let me tell you guy that Revolution is better than Xbox 360. More powerful.
I'm sure. Too much Sure. Broadway and Hollywood are the BEST combination. Nowadays, one of the best technologies.
Did you hear something about Broadway?
Did you hear something about Hollywood?

Let's go.
I wanna see you guy how you'll be impressed, when someone(...) does a great Revolution's demostration on this E3. (Who said Hallo Killer?)
Tomorrow...Tomorrow..the big N will return.

You know where is the Revolution (and not what is the Revolution). it is on the controller pad.
You also know Satoru Iwata doesn't say Revolution will play DVD. He says "12 CMS DISCS" (...)
You also Know Nintendo has always been coming out a different format.

This Generation, belongs to Nintendo...

So. Be patient. Tommorrow, Tommorrow...you'll see the Revolution.
You should trust on Nintendo. Give to Nintendo your patience.

See you guys...see you

IGN + Nintendo = Marketing

Did you wonder why IGN doesn't register "nr.ign.com"?
Did you wonder why Nintendo doesn't show anything?
Did you wonder why Nintendo on was amazing?

It is a great show. IGN has a great exclusive. IGN has all the answers to all your questions. Uh, Matt?

Did you see revolution's pad? not yet? it will be a revolution system

Nintendo is just following too many steps:

1- Talk about "Revolution" on a mistery way.
2- Unimpressed all nintendo fans
3- Boom! Did you are unimpressed? and now?

To can create a great boom, Nintendo needs to create a poor boom to can counterattack again and impress all their nintendo fans.

You'll find out why doesn't IGN talk about Revolution on his "territory" like, for example, PS3

On the other hand, Metroid Prime 3 was revealed with GC's engine so you can think another thing...

19th is the great day for all you.
Unlike all you, I'm waiting to see the great boom! The mistery will be revealed and it is on the Revolution's controller pad.

See you...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Your questions...are answered

Maybe are you wondering who am I. Who is Osoko Tanaka?
Why does he know too much?
I'm just from Japan and I was working with Nintendo. I've done Revolution, with
another people who also worked with Nintendo's Revolution project.
It's confidential. My information is it. My information is too important and
it can hurt Nintendo if it arrives too far.
By the way. my decicion to talk about it was personal and it continues to being it.
But, I'm sure, too sure that Nintendo hasn't revealed the most important secret
on Revolution yet. And if you are patient, you should wait until 19th.
I know what will be Nintendo's planning on this E3.
For IBM and Ati, Revolution is too important to show to everyone how is its technology.
And remember each word that I'm saying to you. "See you after Nintendo's conference" means
I knew what will happen.
If you still trust in me, and in Nintendo, you should be patient.


Firstly, I'm gonna say you "Revolution is better than Xbox 360". Yeah, you will be IMPRESSED about it. Technically, of course.

What is the Revolution?

Not! The question hasn't good done. The GOOD question is:

Where is the revolution?


Are you aware of what Nintendo can do with this Pad? The screen of it is...awesome.

Technically, Revolution is better than Xbox 360 Why? Read de thext things:

-GPU's Revolution: Ati technology with 16MB eDram... and a lot of GREAT things... (Xbox 360 has 10Mb eDRAM).

-CPU: 150-200 GFlops... I'M SURE (Xbox 360 --> 115GFlops)


Retro Game ONLY FOR Revolution
Capcom WILL ANNOUNCE a game for Revolution (Exclusive Game and NEW game)
SEGA GAMES.... AWESOME! will use ALL features of the PAD.
And...the best of all... Will see... EXCLUSIVE Konami's GAME (Do you remember when Hideo Koijima has said that he is working in a NEW project?)

See you.... after Nintendo's Conference...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Do you remember when I talked about Retro Studios?

Unlike all people who only want to think I'm liying. I'm gonna give you one reason to see that my words aren't false.

Do you remember when I talked about Retro Studios?

See the next URL ---> http://www.retrostudios.com
So You'll see that Retro Studios has said the next thing a few minutes ago "We are now working hard on a NEW project that will be announced soon" (games)

So I'm gonna say again two words: Hallo Killer (Not, it won't be Metroid Prime 3)

I've seen 10 seconds of this new game and the only word that I can describe it is: AWESOME!

See you before Nintendo's conference. I'll announce a great news...


I'm gonna give you another reason:

Click here to see a pic which will do reference to "Revolution on this E3"

P.D: Revolutionary System

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Revolution Logo and controller pad

Do you really think Revolution won't be on this E3?

You wrong...

So now, I'm gonna talk about "Revolution logo" to show you how it can be.
But don't be sure it will be the final design. It's just a logo...when Nintendo thought call to the system..."Revolution"...


It is one of the two designs that Nintendo has on his offices.

And now, I'm gonna tell you guy how can be the pad:


Yes, it is one of the x (x = I don't remember how many) prototipes which Nintendo has designed with...K...I (I can't tell you the full name)

I'm sure that Nintendo won't change too much the final design. I couldn't see the final design of the controller, but I remembered a memorable quote from Nintendo... "It's revolutionary, it can be with our concept(...)"

Yeah, Revolution is VERY VERY VERY sleek... to have an internal (and great) thing...

Guys, Nintendo have Revolution on the 100% to can show it on this E3. Don't be worried about if Nintendo will show Revolution. I promise you that Nintendo has pride, and it doesn't leave that Sony or Microsoft win this E3... Revolution will eclipse this E3

I don't want to talk about design of Revolution because... It will be a great surprise for all you

P.D: We will see the new age of a new second partie... (Who has said... Halo Killer?)

See you before Nintendo's conference.

more about Revolution

Welcome back.

Despite my english (I'm from Japan), I wanna continue talking about Revolution but, in this case, about Retro and Revolution and about graphics.

I've seen the best game that you'd never seen. 10 seconds, 10 seconds of a game which can change the world of video games. I'm not talking about "video fake" of Nintendo On, I'm talking about another thing, THE game.
This game has taken its toll on me.

"video fake" of Nintendo On is, obviously, a fake, a great fake. Let me tell you Revolution is still more impressive than it.

I don't know if this game will be on the E3. Nintendo have not answered to my question(...)

But I can tell you guys that it could change video games's concept. A great step.

Revolution's graphics are unbelievable better than Xbox 360. Time is an important factor.

So, I'm gonna talk about "Broadway"

well, we guess that we know Revolution will have 4 cores, 2,5Ghz each one.

I can't talk about the CPU. But I'm sure, after to see it, that it'll be too potential.
Bill gates, don't laugh about Revolution. You're doomed.

Sorry, I couldn't have access for GPU information. I promise you I wish to have information about GPU.

See you later before E3...

P.D: IGN ,when will you show your information? uh, Matt

Saturday, May 14, 2005

So...Do you want to know what is Revolution?

So...Do you want to know what is Revolution? it sounds cool, doesn't it?
Let me tell you guy that I prefer to call it "RS". Yeah, cuz it'll be the beginning of a new age where you'll can do anything in... Any moment? Don't u believe in me?

I have so many data about RS and there is a great site web which also knows about it: IGN
get away from me if you think I'm lying to you. get out. if it isn't the case...continue reading...

Yeah, let me show you how much it knows:

If you're surffering on the internet with "Mozilla Firefox", you should do the next thing, uh:

-Write on Mozilla "ps3.ign.com". You'll chek out it exists.
-Write on Mozilla "xbox360.ign.com". You'll check out it exists.
-Write on Mozilla "nr.ign.com". You'll find out one thing...IT DOESN'T EXIST!
But... Please, try to write the next url: rs.ign.com ---> The page is loading...IS LOADING...Hype? No, at all. It isn't hype.
Matt knows too many things(...) and I also know too many things...

Do you remember Aries?
Is a great user who have too many information about RS but...Not all information
all you need to know about RS is that it'll be a revolutionary system. Why?

Read the next things:

Nintendo, will hit all rivals with its upcoming revolutionary system because..."rs can read DVD's and HD-DVD's"
HD-DVDs is a technology which can arrives until 45GB...Zelda's next game will use almost this capacity(...)
Do you remember the pic about "HD-DVD RS"? it can be true? let me tell you that the pic's concept is true!

So...Would you like to know what is the revolution?

Imagine that you can be in a room chat with all people who you know...imagine that you are plaging online...in real time...in aRPG...called...Z...a Imagine that you can choose and you've the chance to create a world...to choose a world...WHERE YOU'LL be inside...

see you later guys...I'll be right back...

EDIT: See http://onlynintendorevolution.blogspot.com/2005/05/more-about-revolution.html