Monday, August 28, 2006

And now...'re seeing what I've sed months ago...the real power of time I will write a thread where you will find out all about it...

coming soon...see u guys

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Check on the power

Hi everybody

Maybe Cell is more powerfull than Wii's processor. But...even if Xbox 360 has 3 processors, Wii's processor is more powerfull than Xbox 360's processor.

IBM has worked with ATI to make that processor, cuz this processor works well with ATI's chip. I sed months ago:

Hollywood + broadway = POWER.

Why do you think they have that names?
It is not casual. When Broadway runs with Hollywood...they create amazing environments.
You'r looking for some features...some Hollywood features are enabled when it runs with Broadway.

When both chips run, both create the Wii's power.

And it blows x360's power away. Hollywood and Broadway can add unbelievable features to your game...automatically. Because Hollywood and Broadway, both names mean creation.