Thursday, November 02, 2006

Still waiting?

Two years ago, Wii, known as Nintendo Revolution (or NEX) was the one thread for Nintendo fans. Two years later, we know all (all?).

Look at Wii. You'll see a mistery. What does mean it? Why is this there?
I've always said "You don't know anything".
Nintendo gives you a puzzle, and you should do it. You have a lot of information: The pad, the wii channel, the virtual console...And you have the words.

These words make the puzzle. Coz you need to link it with it. You have a Wii machinne...and Satoru Iwata said "you'll say WOW when you see Wii graphics"....What does it means? Wii doesn't have a powerfull technology...or it seems to be like this way...Technology necesarry is not here...or is here?

Think, think coz you don't need the most powerfull system to can have the most powerfull engine. Build a machine, consume only the necessary...and blow enemies away.

I'm doing a machine, it doesn't require expensives chips, it makes good games...and it looks pretty good.

Think coz Nintendo have always been the one. N64, GC...powerfull, they decided to start over again, walk in other you really need power to handle amazing graphics?...not at all, at least, you should have "it" to can keep showing good graphics...what is it? what does have wii???

Think...think...Wii is for all, casual gamers included.

Let me tell you, you have not seen the game yet. THE game. Show us the real power. Nintendo and Capcom, are working in it.

Resident evil for GC has impressed what game they will impress us?

Sega is also working with Nintendo. A big event is comming...and all you will be impressed.