Thursday, May 26, 2005

Broadway, a great DUAL processor

Despite the people who only can insult me, and want to blow me away,
I'm gonna keep talking about Revolution.
Today, is the "Broadway" turn.

First of all, I'm glad cause there are some people who is trying to say I'm a fake.
And that's why cuz in their words exist the word "trust".
So my question is...If they don't trust in me, Why are they keep reading my blog?
Oh! Didn't you believe in me? Why are you wasting your time with my blog?
Please, get away from my blog if you don't want to believe me.

I'm not here to prove I'm a fake or not, I'm here to write my blog to the people who still
believe in me. For these people: Thanks. I'm really glad.

On the other hand, there are some people who only can hurt me saying I said "RS fake" was true.

You know, I have a poor enlgish, I know it. I put "RS fake pic" to say Revolution will use
HD-DVD and not to say this pic is true(...).
Anyway, you're free to think anything about me. I respect you.

But let me tell you guy I said Nintendo won't use DVD for Revolution Games(...)
and my proof is that Nintendo had said "12cm discs designed for Revolution" after I said it.
And if there is someone who still believe in me, I wanna tell you the next thing: Revolution will play HD-DVD
Nintendo is against piracy(...) and the DVD way wouldn't be a good way to fight against it.
Nintendo had thought about all these troubles all along.

What about the 19th day? IGN has your answers like I said, all your answers. This day was for IGN.
I thought Nintendo would reveal Revolution for nintendo fans but, to protect Revolution,
they decided to show it ONLY FOR IGN...Uh, Matt?

Why do you think IGN has too many information about Revolution? And there is some information
that they couldn't reveal yet, I can understand them, it's obvious(...)

They can't reveal what will be the controller pad(...). Oh! feel is good, doesn't it?

So, let's go to talk about Broadway. Like I said, it will be too potent and it...
will be a great DUAL processor.

Broadway was developed in Austin, Texas where about 6,500 people work mainly in software,
hardware and semiconductor design. Broadway will be produced at IBM's East Fishkill, N.Y., factory.

It will be better than Xbox360's processor.

Yeah, Broadway will be too potent and more porwerful than it.

I can tell you guy that Broadway will be 40% faster than G5 processors.
A dual processor of G5 means 2,7Ghz (2700Mhz) each one more or less.

Broadway will be a great Dual processor with a fast bus.
Revolution will be a pretty fast system.

That's all, I cannot tell you anymore.
But I'll keep writing my blog anyway

See you later...

I wanna answer the next user:

For Serginho: You'll can use your Wifi internet connection for your DS.
You'll also can connect your DS in a Portugal's mall where there will
be the chance to connect your DS to can play Online.


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