Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blow all away

Welcome to my blog

Maybe all you will be impressed, I don't know but I'm still impressed though. Revolution is a powerful system, but it isn't the one requirement to be the best system you've ever seen.
You saw the pad, you saw some names about Revolution Games, but you haven't seen it(...) yet, the most important part(...).

Second and thirds parties are working hard on it(...). You'll feel like inside the game(...). Do you remember?

Nintendo has shown the real developer kits. So they can work better with Revolution, they've been impressed cause they've seen the real power...both things are of them at August 24(...). And they can develop better with the most important part(...).

You'll figure it out. And soon, cause Nintendo plans to show Revolution games, and all specs, and reveal all secrets, soon...before E3 2006. Like I said in my last blog.
You'll see too many games that will reflect the power of Revolution. IGN has a great video where you can see how it works...a video that nobody's seen.

2...12...Not, not yet. Uh Matt? It's for you like they said(...)

A new gaming experience will be opened when revolution launchs at...I think you have already known.
Nintendo Online will be for free, and Nintendo is thinking about some new ideas, such as download BSO of Nintendo Games and
listen it wherever you want(...)...wherever you want...(...)...Do you know what I'm triying to say you?
Remember...SD Card...And of course, Hard Disc Drive only for Revo(...).

The new second party is developing a new game too, a new MMORPG. And their ideas are awesome. A new world, the future, the past, present...Where do you want to be? And of course, Nintendo Revolution PAD will be a MUST have in this game. Fight, play music to open new doors to a MUST have to do with the Controller PAD.

See you...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

More data...about more things...

Welcome back guys

I know there are some people who don't want to know nothing about me. So, I wonder...Why are you spending your time reading my blog if you say you don't trust in me?
I can't understand it. Go away from this blog if you don't trust. I don't care about it.

On the other hand, I would like to speak about Nintendo Revolution and Nintendo DS connection.
There is an interesting thing. Imagine that you are playing with your Mario Kart DS(...), with the Wifi connection, you'll be able to play with it on your Nintendo Revolution. So you'll can play with Nintendo DS games on your Nintendo Revolution with the Wifi. To play mutliplayer.
But...How can I play with Nintendo DS games on Nintendo Revolution?...mmmm...think about it. The controller is great, yeah...

Nintendo plans to show Nintendo Revolution games before E3 2006. With a great demonstration with a lot of games from Nintendo and from thirds and second parties.. Where? I can't speak about it. But I'm sure it will be before E3 2006.
IGN has seen the demonstration... Uh matt? And that's amazing. In fact, all companies have seen the power of Revolution. While Microsoft thinks Nintendo "is doomed", more companies are planning revolutionary games. It's too easy develop for Revolution, the best launch you've ever seen will be on Revolution. You need see a demonstration.
Like I said, Hideo Kojima is developing for Revolution(...). A game exclusive for it.

I rely on an inside source from Nintendo. Panasonic supports Blue ray disc. Panasonic has
made GC miniDVDs. Panasonic is talking with Nintendo(...). Changes, can be applied. Isn't too
late yet.

Capcom is working on a new franchise. It isn't resident evil series, but it is a third person action adventure(...) Imagine you are using your controller like a lantern. Sounds cool(...).

Nintendo Revolution is amazing. A small system, with the most powerfull technology. The ATI-developed GPU called Hollywood is better than XBOX 360 GPU. I'm sure. HD on Revolution...sure.

See you...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Comming Soon...

Animal Crossing Revolution
Battalion Wars Revolution
Camelot RPG
Castlevania Revolution
The Darkness
Donkey Kong Revolution
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Revolution
Super Smash Bros. Revolution
Shonen Jump MMORPG
Killing Day
The Legend of Zelda Revolution
Naruto Revolution
Metroid Prime 3
Peter Jackson's King Kong
Prince of Persia Revolution
Soul Calibur Revolution
Super Mario 128
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 3
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 4
Turok Next
WarioWare, Inc. Revolution

You want to know Revolution specs, doesn't it?
It is comming too. Uh Matt?