Thursday, March 23, 2006


Sir. Iwata should has shown something, like my source sed me. Why? Cuz Nintendo Revolution launch is almost here. The real secret, showed by a game, maybe, Sony has not showed all about PS3, and that's why Nintendo neither. If Sony moves along, Nintendo 2.

I know all u will think I'm a fake, like I say, U can go away from my blog, I'm not telling u to be here, really, I don't care.

Nintendo has not shown anything about Revolution, but I sed Nintendo Revolution will emulate Sega games...and u now, know that's right.

I can't believe why Nintendo doesn't show something to the public, it was private so...And Matt, can tell u it is true. And he will tell u he has proved the real secret at GDC, and he will say it.

Anyway, I will update some information, about the private conference. Cuz I have a source from inside Nintendo(...) Stay alert, now, I'm gonna show u something interesting.

4 hours...

And u'll know what is the real secret.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


There's something more

Are u ready for tomorrow? Nintendo must show something cuz Revolution's launch will be in Summer, first in Japan, then in USA and finally in the rest. All in summer. So that's why November is the PS3' s launch.

Tomorrow, u won't see all u need but u'll know amazing things. Sir Iwata will show u the real secret with a little demonstration, with an important developer from a third party(...).

An then, u'll say "WOW" cuz all u thought Revolution won't be a powerful system. And like I sed, Revolution will blow X360 away, it's more powerful than it(....). U'll see it...tomorrow.

The I-Adapter will be shown, what is this? I can't tell u what is this, but, let me tell u it is important, Nintendo didn't want to show it months ago cause Sony or Microsoft could steal that idea. But now, it is ready.

And stay alert, Iwata has shown u all about Revolution: He showed u Revolution, then he showed u revo-pad and finally tomorrow he should show u something more, and important.

See u later...maybe before the Show(...).

Monday, March 13, 2006

Matt, u should talk more, don't u think?

The other secret, the I-adapter, the real Revolution, The another puzzle's part. See my schedule, and ckeck on when u will see the other demonstration(...).

But, don't think you will discover all u need to know about Revolution, the E3 is not here yet, and Nintendo will wait until that day to Show u all u want to know. But, at least, u'll discover a little more. Let me tell u, u have never seen that peripherial.

And it is not a glasses, it is...Thin, small, white, and wireless(...).

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Discover the secret...

I mean, you'll be able to know what is the real secret of Revolution. When? Nintendo is thinking about it...maybe, you'll see it at GDC cause Sony will do his debut at 15 March. So...there will be nothing to steal...