Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What is the meanning?

Today...IBM...has finalized Broadway Project...

You will see all specs, all...

Revolution is here, Revolution is coming...Is ready.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

12 August was my last thread


Matt Matt Matt Matt;

You are so intelligent. Enigmatic...



HAS PAST 12 DAYS. AND Im writing now here...


Can you read my other message?

See you later


A little step to can see the BIG step

Friday, August 12, 2005

Nintendo Revolution, a great System

Hi guys!, welcome back.

I've been too many time without writing anything on my blog
I can't say a reason. Let me tell you I couldn't talk if they
don't want(...)

I can't give you important data yet. But I can speak about some specs.

Hollywood, do you remember?
Is the GPU of Revolution. ATI is working hard on it, with Mr. Wei Yen.

Mr. Wei Yen worked on SGI, also known as Silicon Graphics, Inc.
They've worked on Nintendo 64.

Few years later, Mr. Wei Yen worked on Flipper (GPU of GameCube)
And then, Mr.Wei has beginning to work with ATI

We saw a great difference on graphics between PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

With Nintendo 64, we've seen a great Step on graphics.
Hollywood isn't done yet. Mr. Wei Yen is still working(...)

Like I said a few months ago, Nintendo is still working on Revolution.
With the time, they will be able to create a powerfull System without expensive

Otherwise, Broadway(...)... Yeah, who said Nintendo is "doomed"?
hahahaha, let me tell you they have a great dual processor, like I said too.
More powerfull than XboX360, and that's why time is an importan factor to
useful researches(...)

Companies, such as Konami or Capcom, are still working on revolutionary games secretly.
They are still finding Revolution interface out.

But their demos are so impressive anyway. Unbelievable(...)

Metroid Prime 3 isn't the Hallo Killer(...)
A new engine has been created to develop for MP3.
The video we've seen was with GameCube engine...only to can announce a new metroid prime
Do you remember Metroid prime spot? (...)

See you later...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'm coming...with VERY interesting stuff...

Did you think I'd left my blog?

I'm still here. And I'll keep writing my blog.
Nintendo Knows there are users disappointed on Revolution. But it is sure on it too.
On Revolution.

Coming soon, I will talk about new stuff...
According to "some people", I'm not gonna say important stuff. I can't hurt his secrets(...).
When you see it, you'll will be able to figure it out.

Be alert,