Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The revolution's secrets

Hi everybody, welcome back.

In my last thread, written 2 days ago, I spoke about a game called Darkness, it will be a game for Revolution, and also for X360. But let me tell you Revolution's version will be awesome. So you'll wonder why. That's why we will handle a lantern with the Revolution controller pad. It's late, the night is here, and you must go away from that forest cuz the monsters appear at night. The light calls them, but you should use the lantern cause you should find a way to escape from that forest, evil forest.
You know Revolution will use a wifi network to can play online, that game, will use that features(...).

Otherwise, there are still a secret about Revolution, about the way you'll play a game. With the controller pad you will be able to play a new gaming experience, but...Do you remember when I spoke about "you'll feel inside the game"? Keep thinking about it, cause the controller pad doesn't let you feel like inside the game. The I-Adapter will let you to feel that feeling.

Developers, some of them, are receiving the ultimate Revolution-developer-kit for Nex, I mean, for Revolution. The first developer-kit was a GameCube with a Revolution controller. Do you remember when somebody was sending e_mails about Revolution developer kit? He could tell you I had replied right.
Revolution has a lot of RAM, more than a simple 104MB, you should know we have 512 of flash memory and developers will be able to use that memory for games. So, Isn't it a Revolution way to create technolgy? Yes, is it.

To sum up, I'm gonna tell u, u should wait until GDC. You won't see all u need to know about Revolution, but you'll know amazing news from Nex, I mean, Revolution.


Sunday, February 26, 2006


A forest, you and your lantern.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The N-Day

You have not seen anything today, but don't care about it cuz next time will be the N-DAY...You won't see all you need to know, but let me tell you , you'll discover amazing things about Revolution...

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Is comming...and it won't be on 9 february...