Saturday, September 09, 2006

Are you ready?

These last months you've seen Wii graphics look like GameCube graphics...Is it a coincidence? Not at all. I've never trust on coincidences. In fact, you shoudn't trust in it. Coz all u saw were games on a GameCube hardware.

Nintendo has thought about it. And it wanna make you be surprised. Wii games, in fact, look like an Xbox360, and even a PlayStation3. And let me tell you, you have not seen anything. ANYTHING.

Let the Tokyo Game Show shows you the truth. You will see amazing surprises. Capcom is working on a new title, like I sed months ago...And you'll see it there. With amazing graphics, and moving the wiipad like a lantern to scape from the dark.

A new generation of beat em up is coming...and it won't begin with Super Smash. Namco knows it. DreamCast had the "worst" hard in the last generation...but Soul Calibur keeps being better than his secuels.

And the new perihperial, the I-Adapter, will let you be there...where? there, on the world that Square-Enix has created. Travel around is more than a simple Final Fantasy.

Nintendo will announce a Hard Disc drive 4 Wii. It is too thin...and it has 10GB. You will can connect it inside Wii.
Maybe you could think it isn't true. But you've seen my threads, and I've always talked about amazing the last've seen new pics from Wii games...and it looks like a new generation graphics...You'll say WHY?...coz Nintendo is playing, and wii will play 2.

see you before TGS...greetings
Osoko Tanaka