Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I-adapter information

Welcome back, I 'm still here, writing here, and telling you new information...

Imagine that you are playing a Wii game. You gonna catch your Wii pad and you gonna move it according to the game. But...Can I really feel another gaming experience? Not at all.

At least, you can think you are a part of a game, but you can't think you are inside the game.

What can I do to can stay inside?

The answer is: I-adapter.

Imagine that you are in the sea, and it's wet...so I-adapter will be wet too. In fact, there is no water, it is only a sensation that creates the pad. Imagine that there are fire, so the I-adapter is gonna adapt a hot-touch.

The i-adapter is a revolutionary "real-touch". It is not like DS, it's more than a simple touch screen. It's a touch fe e l i ng.

And the I-adapter can adapt a lot of sensations....

See you later