Thursday, June 30, 2005

Next time...more

Welcome back guys

Maybe you may think I'm a fake.
And some people have started to make me questions in Japanese to can
"discover" me.
Well, let me answer a comment about "japanese language":

"Yes, I understand Japanese. I think your Japanese is decent.
You can improve it for the better. But I've understood you.
I'm Japanese. Despite you think I'm a fake.
I read all news about the world."

Let's keep talking about Revolution... Don't you think?

Maybe, I could say a comment with a lot of doubts.
And I'll do so.

"Are you ready for the Revolution? ... why? (...) THEY are ready now...
ready for it..."


P.D: I'll answer your questions next time. Sorry

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Do you want to know more about me?

Hi guys x 2

I've edited this post cause I consider is better edit it than post another thing. Cause I don't talk about new data.
All you need to know about new data is on an interview that
the page called revogaming has done to me.
Otherwise, I've answered to the questions of another sites. It is called n-revolution.
Do you remember when I say I answered the questions of Fumatrix.?
I edit it cause I don't know that someone could think I was lying saying it.

Next time, I will answer your questions guys of your comments

See you time...

Osoko Tanaka

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Let's answer your questions

Despite I didn't answer your questions in the last thread, I'm going to aswer them here.
Let's answer them:

Hi Osoko,

I'm just wondering when will Revolution launch
(we know in 2006 but when in 2006)?
Will there be any sort of special bundles?
What/how many Nintendo
games will be launched at the same time?
How much third party support do you think Revolution will get?
Nintendo said they'd have lots of third party games for
Gamecube but that never happened.

There will be some Nintendo Games on the Revolution's launch.
For example, the new Mario and Super Smash Bros. Revolution Online.
Maybe, we could see Zelda too.
Revolution is going to be launch on 2006(...).
You'll be impressed on all games. Third party games, too.


Is Bioware keen to develop for the Revolution? I have heard that
there are even bigger fish that may be interested.

I can tell you there will be many third parties developing for Revolution.
More than GameCube.


Nintendo has already said that they won't be supporting high defenition standards,
so why mention HD TV?

Maybe, You'll need a peripheric to can see games on HD-TV.
You need a peripheric to see movies too(...), doesn't it?


You make a nice post there...;) I think you answered many questions! BUt as for the second party you talked about...they're making an adventure game is that it?? I'm wondering if they are a new one second party or if they were a third party that now
are working only for Nintendo...can you comment that Osoko?
Another know when Revolution will be launched?? I've read somewhere that will be on 2007 at least on Europe if that's true that would be a very very bad step for Nintendo...:( I mean Xbox 360 will be this year, PS3 will be in first quarter of 2006 (I guess) now Revolution 2007?! :| That can't be true!!

A third party can't work only for one System. But, I can tell you there will be exclusive games from Third Parties for Revolution.
Revolution Launch is expected to be on 2006.


Or if you prefer not to answer the above question:
What kind of cooling system will be used?

Guy, you want I say you confidential information. I can't say what will be the
cooling technology. But I could talk about the "power" of this technology. Is "coolest".
And this technology will let Revolution make games ONLY FOR Revolution and not for
PS3 or XBOX360 and that's why they couldn't handle games with "the coolest technology".


Will the Revolution will be a wi-fi hotspot for the DS ?
Is that possible that the DS can play online through the Revolution, or the DS will only download demos through the Revolution online service ?

Yes, of course. Nintendo Revolution will be the best hotspot for DS. Revolution and
DS will be the best combination(...)


Thank you for answering my question, although I was hoping you could be more elaborate, but I guess there's nothing you can do there.

I remember reading an interview in which Shigeru Miyamoto stated that there would be a new franchise being created for the Nintendo Revolution. Are you able to give out any information on this new game?

Mr. Miyamoto is fantastic. I'm impressed cause his ideas are unbelievable(...)


Your comments about the adventure game which you star in made me suspect the controller may feature a camera built in to it.
Do cameras feature anywhere in the plans for Revolution?

Microsoft or Sony could be working now for "updating" their systems if I tell what will it have.


Can you tell us some of the new features that are being used, but aren't the main revolutionary aspect? Also will part of the revolutionary aspect be in the system aswell? Do you have any info on the ne Super Smash Brothers?

Online. It isn't a new notice but it will be amazing.



What do you have to say abou this: (more specs)

Guy, 4 cores means the most expensive system. Is better to be a dual processor. And best results.


Your questions have been answered.
See you later guys...

Friday, June 17, 2005

Should I tell you goodbye?

Every story must have an ending. This could be the end of my blog.
Is it over?

I don't want to "close" my blog. I think is a right to write something you want to say, don't you think?
I have not talked about "the real revolution" yet. I've only talked about some specs.
They don't think it(...).

I'll keep wrtiting here. On my blog. For the people who want to read something about Revolution.

But, I don't care if they want to close it cause I know what I said. And I don't hurt them. I don't say it yet(...)

All right. Let's to talk about some specs:

I can tell you Nintendo was working in a new game for Revolution.
This game will be "mature". Nintendo wants to change his philosophie. It will be an action game and you will be able to use the "power" of the pad. For example, there will be some moments in which you'll need to be "silence" cause if you make some noise, you'll can be died on the battle(...).

The second party has already done a great game for Revolution Launch expected to 2006.
And this game will be a great piece to can blow any system away. Maybe, we'll see it before the end of this year, when we see a Revolution demostration.

On the other hand, I'm really glad cause I can show you a proof. Some developers have talked about Revolution(...). And they have said "Revolution will have next gen graphics".
And I'll keep saying Nintendo is increasing Revolution's power. There's still time for it.

To Sum Up, I want to say I've talked with consolewars. They have been interested. Now, there is another page which is interested too. A page called fumatrix. I've answered their questions.

P.D: I've answer your questions next time. Sorry

See you later...later...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Revolution pad, Revolution games and more

Hi guys, What's up?

Let's go to talk about the Revolution

Despite I'm not updating my blog everyday, I keep writing it. I don't forget it.
Don't care about it...

So, today, I'm gonna talk about "the revolution" more...

A revolution needs revolution things. It's obvious, doesn't it?
In this case (Videogames System), Revolution needs revolution games to can
play "in a different wayS"(...), for example.

Playing to revolution games means can controller things in a different way and
see new concepts of videogames, at least.
Nintendo has a great (and new) second party to can do that.
To can do revolution games and can play them.
It doesn't means you won't see "casual games" or "Nintendo games".
It means Nintendo Revolution will have many kinds of games (It's necessary to can call all gamers -retro gamers inluded...-).

I can't tell you guy what's the name of the new second party. But I prefer to call him: "R-SP".

R-SP is working hard. So hard that you'll be impressed when Revolution will be launched.
Yeah, it will probably be the best launch for any system.

You'll see a new adventure game(...). The best of all is that you'll be the main character(...)
I can't talk about it anymore. I know you'll be impressed when you see it.
The controller pad lets to you handle this game(...). I think Revolution will eclipse all systems.
And will probably blow "the others" away.

On the other hand, let me tell you guy another thing about Broadway:

"-Broadway to be built on existing 90nm technology-" (...)


I can't talk about revolution pad more but I think you can describe it reading this blog.

NOW, there are TWO 3rd parties who are thinking about if they will develop to revolution.
They are really impressed and that's why with the controller pad they can "take off" too many ideas.

To sum up, I will finish with a quote from an Internal source of a Nintendo's employee:

"I've played it. It's unbelievable. But they will keep working more on the pad to complete the game(...). I like the design. It's wonderful"


I wanna answer some of your questions:

-->My question (I hope you'll answer it) is very simple:
do you "feel" with your hands or with your eyes?
This is the only mystery that's torturing me (>.<)" Do you feel with both things. With your eyes you'll can see the game on a Hight Definition TV. -->Two questions- PLEASE ANSWER IN NEXT POST!
1. You say a new "second party" will work with Nintendo.
Do you mean a new gaming company that is not Nintendo?
In America, we always call that "third party support..."
is second party something special?

Second party is a company who works ONLY FOR Nintendo (in this case).

2. The DS was the first handheld (and console) to have a
touch screen, but it wasn't too revolutionary in the eyes of most.
Are you sure this touch pad will be a true gaming revolution?

If we compare both "controllers". DS has a touch screen.
It's revolutionary. And we can consider it as a little step.
Revolution will have a BIG step.

-->Anyway, I have a question:

Since you're saying that these developers
will be putting out games that only the Revolution can handle,
is it simply because of visual performance, or is it more than that?

It is more than that. truly.

-->I have heard other truthfull info about a cooling system from
"innovatek" apparently 125% more efficient/low power/moresilent...
to be used in the nintendo revolution.
Can u confirm this information?

I can tell you it won't be on Revolution.


See you later...later...