Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stay alert...

Welcome back guys

Nintendo DS. A good system. Nintendo puts his trust on it to take Revolution off. So u should ask why...Is that right?

PDA features...Did you remember? Yeah, with Nintendo DS we can handle PDA feautres such as...reading news, writing something, listening music, see demos/games from Nintendo Wifi Connection...HOW?

Revolution is the answer. Revolution will be able to let to DS all these features. Nintendo DS will become a part of

Revolution too. A very important'll handle some Revolution games with DS...some RETRO games. Unbelievable.
Don't you think?

But let me tell you more...Imagine ur inside, yeah, inside a mansion and ur playing online with another guy in that mansion

(...)...You should figure out some important secret from the inside...and kill some enemies such as monsters...imagine you don't know where are your friend who is playing online with u..It's dark... and u can't...With DS you'll be able to see where
is he...and use the controller like a lanter...and you'll be able to know what is he seeing...and listen him...cuz you are a team.

DS is ready for it. And Revolution makes DS more powerfull and useful.

Otherwise, I'm gonna talk about another feature...let's talk about the backwards compatibility aspect of the Revolution.
So you know you'll be able to play with retro games on Revolution, but...It doesn't mean you'll be able to play only Retro Nintendo Games...Yeah, I think Revolution has a good Trilogy(...).
I & II were done too many times before...But...Where is the III?
I guess You should ask it, and you should know why it isn't yet. Maybe...Yeah, On Revolution too. A great Trilogy. Don't you think?

To sum up, I'd also like to say Sir Eguchi is working hard on Revolution too and his team is developing a new game, it won't be Animal Crossing. cause you'll see a new gaming experience, you'll be surrounded by WORLDS. I can't speak too much about this new game. But it will be awesome. A new concept, I can't say the great idea(...).

CES 2006...Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


What? Why? What is the reason? Why should you be disappointed?
No, you don't have any reason to be like this way cause you don't see anything...

You should figure out the real revolution, like says that name...

The "secret", like Mr. Miyamoto said. The great BOOM. The real secret(...).

Maybe you may think I'm a fake, but I don't care, really, I don't care, I keep writing my blog, cause is a space that I use to write the true... Cause I know I'm not a fake, I'm Osoko Tanaka and I like to write the things which a lot of people read.
Although if there is someone who says I'm a fake and show you a "proof", you should say "Wow, that's true..." .
That's pathetic, don't you think? You can trust all the things you can consider true. I can't say what should you do. I know what I'm doing.

Otherwise, I said Broadway project was concluded. But I didn't speak about Hollywood.
Let me tell you...

Hollywood + Broadway = THE REAL SECRET

Iwata said "you'll say WOW with graphics", If you don't trust in me, please, trust in sir Iwata...
Broadway is a great Dual core and it ONLY WORKS ON ITS THE BEST POWER with Hollywood.
With a few polygons, you can see a great results.

You can comprove it here.

So the question is...Why should we make a powerful system if we can have best results with a small system?
And it means, more cheap, best results on graphics, best than XBOX360...AND I'M TOO SURE.

While XBOX360 burns if you are playing with that system for hours, with Revolution, if you play with it for DAYS, it won't burn. More power means "Burn". Nintendo has created a system that can handles more power than XBOX360 in a small system.
The Interface and BH, are the perfection.
That's the real secret, and you'll comprove it when you see the games. Cause you don't see anything yet. NOTHING.

You should be disappointed, then you'll say "WOW". If you are not disappointed, you won't say "WOW"

See you guys...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Another RevoGaming Interview?

Finally, it won't be online, but I'm gonna speak in a few days what I said on it. First, I would like to show you the next:

Hi Osoko,

Since the Revolution scene has changed a lot, I'm wondering if you'd want to have another interview over at RevoGaming. The first interview helped both of our sites and I think that another one would boost the slow traffic you blog has been getting recently. I'd cover a number of topics, and, once again, it could be done over e-mail, phone, or MSN Messenger.

Ramsey Kobeissi

And finally... (When the Interview has been done)

The day that I was about to post it, someone linked me to a topic on the Moz la Punk forums which pretty much defrauded you. Unless you can prove to me that you work at Nintendo, or have done so, the interview will not be posted. I will keep any proof you give me in strict confidentiality, so have no worry about losing a job or anything of the sort.

I would not wish for the process to be like this, but unfortunately in these circumstances it is what I will have to do.



I've always said I don't matter if you, or someone trust or not in me. The first interview that I did was withouth any proof. Now, they want a proof. Go away from my blog if you don't trust. And I'm talking seriously, I don't wanna hear words that attack to me.

To sum up, I spoke about some new secret, now, you know it is true.


P.D: This page, has updated a lot of news talking about a lot of specs that I said. But in that case, they didn't say where they caught the news. They've only said "sources".