Monday, March 19, 2007

Let's answer some questions...

Welcome back everybody, yeah, I'm here...writing again, remembering our times

I'm sure you're wondering why am I writing this blog, or why did I leave it for months.
But the only thing that I could tell ya is it's MY own blog and now I want to listen your ideas. How? Joy here! U should send me an email, telling me what do you want to write and WHY. So I'll send you an account, to become a part of the Osoko Tanaka's Staff.
With DA account u'll be able to write what do you want about Nintendo.

On the other hand, I'm gonna answer some questions. I'm Osoko Tanaka, like I sed. Otherwise, I'm not Japanese 100% coz my mother are not from Japan.

I'm not gonna tell ya where I live, coz I've always thought it doesn't matter. Ma job is develop to mobile systems at this moment. So I'm not a Nintendo developer. Anyway I have contacts from Nintendo coz like I sed I worked there. So'll I have some friends from there.
That's why I've known Nintendo wii pad were "2". And some launch games. And other info.

I know you don't like Wii graphics. Let me tell ya you don't see anything. Nothing. Coz some third parties doesn't have good developer kits. (newest version) and Nintendo is waiting for a kit who let it work with broadway and hollywood. Now it's not using all the power. Only the 40%.

Nintendo is ready to licence Unreal Engine 3 for Wii. Anyway it must launch a blue ray disc unit. Nintendo should talk about its plans to launch a blue ray disc unit (from Panasonic) before 2008.
Yes, blue ray disc.
See you later

Friday, March 16, 2007

It's coming