Sunday, June 19, 2005

Let's answer your questions

Despite I didn't answer your questions in the last thread, I'm going to aswer them here.
Let's answer them:

Hi Osoko,

I'm just wondering when will Revolution launch
(we know in 2006 but when in 2006)?
Will there be any sort of special bundles?
What/how many Nintendo
games will be launched at the same time?
How much third party support do you think Revolution will get?
Nintendo said they'd have lots of third party games for
Gamecube but that never happened.

There will be some Nintendo Games on the Revolution's launch.
For example, the new Mario and Super Smash Bros. Revolution Online.
Maybe, we could see Zelda too.
Revolution is going to be launch on 2006(...).
You'll be impressed on all games. Third party games, too.


Is Bioware keen to develop for the Revolution? I have heard that
there are even bigger fish that may be interested.

I can tell you there will be many third parties developing for Revolution.
More than GameCube.


Nintendo has already said that they won't be supporting high defenition standards,
so why mention HD TV?

Maybe, You'll need a peripheric to can see games on HD-TV.
You need a peripheric to see movies too(...), doesn't it?


You make a nice post there...;) I think you answered many questions! BUt as for the second party you talked about...they're making an adventure game is that it?? I'm wondering if they are a new one second party or if they were a third party that now
are working only for Nintendo...can you comment that Osoko?
Another know when Revolution will be launched?? I've read somewhere that will be on 2007 at least on Europe if that's true that would be a very very bad step for Nintendo...:( I mean Xbox 360 will be this year, PS3 will be in first quarter of 2006 (I guess) now Revolution 2007?! :| That can't be true!!

A third party can't work only for one System. But, I can tell you there will be exclusive games from Third Parties for Revolution.
Revolution Launch is expected to be on 2006.


Or if you prefer not to answer the above question:
What kind of cooling system will be used?

Guy, you want I say you confidential information. I can't say what will be the
cooling technology. But I could talk about the "power" of this technology. Is "coolest".
And this technology will let Revolution make games ONLY FOR Revolution and not for
PS3 or XBOX360 and that's why they couldn't handle games with "the coolest technology".


Will the Revolution will be a wi-fi hotspot for the DS ?
Is that possible that the DS can play online through the Revolution, or the DS will only download demos through the Revolution online service ?

Yes, of course. Nintendo Revolution will be the best hotspot for DS. Revolution and
DS will be the best combination(...)


Thank you for answering my question, although I was hoping you could be more elaborate, but I guess there's nothing you can do there.

I remember reading an interview in which Shigeru Miyamoto stated that there would be a new franchise being created for the Nintendo Revolution. Are you able to give out any information on this new game?

Mr. Miyamoto is fantastic. I'm impressed cause his ideas are unbelievable(...)


Your comments about the adventure game which you star in made me suspect the controller may feature a camera built in to it.
Do cameras feature anywhere in the plans for Revolution?

Microsoft or Sony could be working now for "updating" their systems if I tell what will it have.


Can you tell us some of the new features that are being used, but aren't the main revolutionary aspect? Also will part of the revolutionary aspect be in the system aswell? Do you have any info on the ne Super Smash Brothers?

Online. It isn't a new notice but it will be amazing.



What do you have to say abou this: (more specs)

Guy, 4 cores means the most expensive system. Is better to be a dual processor. And best results.


Your questions have been answered.
See you later guys...


Blogger Vivumaqua said...

Thanks for answering my questions Osoko. Peripheral for HD you say. That would be a nice solution. Lets hope we get official clarification from Nintendo themselves. Hello to all the crew at Moz La Punk Boards.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Grant Michael said...

Im glad to see you posting still :-D
thanks for answering all the questions we had

8:32 AM  
Blogger Samusa said...

Osoko, can you confirm any information about a game called "Xenias", supposedly a FPS RPG in development for the Revolution? Thanks.

11:07 AM  
Blogger John said...

Very interesting stuff. I must say, it seems as though the info your giving seems to be matching up with the clues Nintendo has been giving us. I've been trying to contact Nintendo but they refuse to answer anything I send. So I will ask you. In your opinion if you do seriously know this...please don't be lying :(... How much more Revolutionary is the Revolution compared to the specials stuff on DS? Also are the Graphics going to have some revolutionary aspect to it? Mr. Iwata said we would say "wow" to the graphics. He also stated that Rev. Graphics can do something that PS3 and X-BOX360 can't do? Can u elaborate on that please, and I am looking forward to answers. I coming back to your site everyday now. I ususally don't go to sites like yours but it seems like your info is correct if not close. Thanks

1:19 PM  
Blogger Winged_whacker said...

I hate to say this... but as a journalist, this "blogger" is just leading everyone on with a teasing carrot riddled with generalities, vague answers (that arent' really answers) and if you look at his posting history, you'll notice a pattern of making vague assumptions that have been made elsewhere. All he is doing is stringing along a bunch of Nintendo hopefuls with compiled ideas that are not his own. He's predicted nothing, and if he claims he has, you will find that these predictions have already been mentioned beforehand... He's just reiterating things already said or assumed. Notice he's never definitively said what the new controller looks like, or is... he just continually says it will be amazing, and that it will be revealed soon, and that its not going to be shown so as to protect its identity so that the competitors won't steal the idea. This is stuff that's been stated by nintendo themselves. I truly believe that Osaka is a farce, and til he offers something new, definitive and factual, i will continue to believe and make others believe he's a pathetic hoax.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Winged_whacker said...

As a journalist I've been following this Bloggers comments for some time. I just want everyone here to understand that Osoku is a hack, in that he offers nothing new in terms of knowledge on Nintendo's new gaming system. In reviewing all his comments, its been noted that all he does is reinforce the beliefs of Nintendo fans out there, and nothing more. His information has been only vague and in generalities at most, and has only seemed to compile his information from broad sources from across the internet. He's so far not offered any definitive answers in regards to technology, and has offered no new factual information that can be verified. The only things he can verify are the things hes been reiterating that have been said already. He mentions on numerous occasions information about the controller, about Super Smash Brothers, new games from 3rd party and 2nd party, but you know what? These things have been mentioned over and over by Nintendo themselves and other source material for quite awhile. He just has reiterated them as his own. aaand about his revelations about 2nd party and third party support? What new gaming system can you remember launched without any support? There is nothing mind blowing about this information. Every Nintendo system has had 2nd party original game support, and such a prediction or assumption is baseless. Everyone open your eyes... Osoko is a hack, and unless he can offer definitive factual information that nobody else has, instead of his vague answers and generalities... he should be treated as is... just a hack...

2:47 PM  
Blogger cubedman990 said...

I'm glad you are still posting, I am a long-time reader but just signed up for Blogger. I have a question: Is Retro Studios working on Metroid Prime 3 and the supposed Halo-killer or just the Halo-killer. If it's the second answer, then can you offer a hint as to who is developing MP3. Thanks

2:58 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

wow, you sure did a good job at answering those questions. you gave absolutley no new info on the revolution. besides from what we heard already and keep hearing from you, it's just hot air.

my hand of cards say 21. you lose.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

We already know all of this.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Tigerninja said...

Ya should this interview rember when Osoko talk about the new project of Retro studios the game is a online rpg schooter Xenia! read this interview.

Games Master: I am honoured to talk to you. Are you ready? Let us begin. On the E3, Sony und Microsoft showed their new consoles. But Nintendo just present the Design and the concept of the Revolution. Do you see any advantage or disadvantage? And why don't you say anything about the technical specs.

Fils-Aime: I believe we won’t have any problems to keep up with Microsoft or Sony. Both are focusing on Hardware and Multimedia Features. But we will give more. Technical specs are important, but you need more than good Hardware. The Hardware of the Revolution is not ready. At the present time we are working hard with IBM and ATI to construct a great Hardware. At the E3 Nintendo don’t want to focus on a new console that isn't ready. This is the reason why we weren't show the Hardware. Microsoft and Sony fight at the moment with reference to the Hardware. We are at this time the impartial Third. The only thing you recognize is the way which we want to go.
You saw the Design, but you just saw a very little piece of the Revolution concept.
Revolution wants to give more than an update of the current consoles. Nintendo is going to create a new gaming experience. But this won't exclude the old and classical method of gaming. Microsoft has a little war with Sony. Nobody can estimate our power. This is a big advantage. A lost opportunity never returns. I won’t be surprised if Microsoft screams when they see our Revolution.

Games Master: Everybody is curiously. Is the power of Revolution competitive? Could you tell us anything about the Hardware of the Revolution?

Fils-Aime: Yes, I Could.

Games Master: Would you?

Fils-Aime: I cannot give any information’s if you ask in this form.

Games Master: So can you inform us about any new details relative to Revolution? About the Hardware, maybe?

Fils-Aime: You are really curiously. Shall we give you little details?
We will be competitive to the other Manufacturer.But in another way. It would be a big failure if we aren't at the same level as Sony or Microsoft. The technical aspect is a key feature for the developer. The Third Party Support depends on technical power. For instance we will have a special Optical Disc Drive. This is able to read Red Light Medias as good as Blue Light Medias. We have to plan for the future. But in the end the Customer is interested in what he is seeing and not in technical specs.

Games Master: I hope we will see on Revolution graphical masterpieces. But how will you reach the enormous power in this little Revolution? I mean the PS3 and the Xbox360 are huge consoles in relation to the Revolution.

Fils-Aime: Come on. I wonder that MS has made an acceptable console design. Both are filling their Hardware with Hard Drives and Multimedia Features. Revolution support also Multimedia Features, but you need extern Hardware. Beside Sony and Microsoft don’t use the space favourably. Our project is top secret. What I can say is that ATI and IBM are developing a new revolutionary Hardware design. This is also a part of the Revolution. The names are not in vain "Hollywood" and "Broadway". The two chips are totally interacting together to achieve gigantic power. This Hardware is truly fantastic. But, as Mr. Harrison held, we aren't finished yet. The Hardware will be optimized at this time. The Revolution shall be a small and powerful Hardware. In the one Hand small, cause you can use and take the console everywhere. In the other Hand powerful to aim an indescribable gaming experience.

Games Master:Interesting. So you also offer Multimedia Features.
What do you think about High-Def?

Fils-Aime: High-Def is nice. But it is not key characteristic. Presently few People can use High-Def. In the US just 5% off all households have High Def. You can also get beautiful graphics on a normal TV.

Games Master: A short and direct question: What is the Revolution?

Fils-Aime: As I said, the Hardware as well as the Controller. You know, there are some games which are very complicated to play. An example is the Shooter or Real-Time Genre. With Revolution it shall be easy to play every kind of game. In addition the Player shall have a new feeling of gaming.

Games Master: Say anything about the Controller.

Fils-Aime: No, we won’t talk about the big Mystery. We absolutely do not talk about the Controller. We are not the Information Service.

Games Master: Okay. Mr. Harrison, what are the expectations of Nintendo? Like the Online Gaming concerning Revolution and NintendoDS.

Fils-Aime: Nintendo is in a big change. The NintendoDS was the first step in a new era. We want to go a modern way. Our aim is to reach more people. We want to convince the people. In fall we will start the Online Portal of Nintendo. The Players shall have the chance to play worldwide Nintendo Games without any costs. The players also need no extra devices or software. I believe with this feature we can convince many players to play online. The Online Portal will include more than just gaming. Communicating, Online Demos are some examples. We have many ideas. Send a mail from the Revolution at home and receive your mail via NintendoDS. The Revolution will extend the Online Portal of Nintendo.
At Home: The Revolution. In a train, park, restaurant, somewhere else: The NintendoDS
We saw on the E3 that many people are surprised and pleased to play the first time Mario Kart online. So I believe many NintendoDS owners are going to use the online feature.
We already had online plans with the Nintendo64. Nintendo intends to extend these plans. We will see what happened.

Games Master:: I am happy to play Mario Kart and Animal Crossing online, too. You also presented on the E3 the Headset and the Communicating System.

Fils-Aime: Yes. This is a prototype of the communication service. We are thinking about to include this ability in games.

Games Master: Can you say which games are planned for the Revolution?

Fils-Aime: Many games are planned. We are also preparing new Heroes. Nintendo announced some Games on the E3. Mr. Iwata spokes about a new Metroid, about Kid Icarus and Donkey Kong. Super Smash Brothers Revolution is also in developing. I don’t know how many games we are preparing. Metroid Prime: Reborn, Pilotwings: Time to Fly, Donkey Kong World, Sky of Eternity: The Legend of Kid Icarus are some examples for classic games. But we need games like GTA, Halo, Gran Turismo, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy to be successful. So we are going to create new games. One is called “Xenias”.

Games Master: Tell us more. What is "Xenias"?

Fils-Aime: It's a great game. Xenias is a new kind of shooter. It’s just like an Online RPG in Shooter Form. But I cannot say anything more. At the moment we are developing and nothing is finished.
I can say: Xenias will kick in Halos ass.
This is just one new Game. We are testing some projects. We do not know which projects become final games. Just wait and see. Sony and Microsoft shall be careful. We are going to strike back.
In this year you get more information’s about the Revolution.

Games Master: Who is developing “Xenias”?

Fils-Aime: I mustn’t say it. But a little tip: They made the first 3D Metroid..

Games Master: The Retro Studios?

Fils-Aime: I didn’t say it. Maybe. Maybe not.

Games Master: I hope Xenias become a great game. Now, I think our time is up. I am very glad that you answer my questions. Thank you. I hope we will see us again.

Fils-Aime: No Problem.

1:16 AM  
Blogger Tigerninja said...

Is nintendo working on games like dead or alive tekken devil may cry God of war Jak Ratchet clank ninja gaiden. nintendo need thos games!!!!!!!!!
please answer this

1:19 AM  
Blogger Serginho said...

Hi Osoko thanks to answer our questions!! In a manner of speak if you understand me..:)

Now a question that keeps coming to my mind...I've read somewhere that the Revolution will have 50 games on launch (retro gamimg doesn't count) will be that possible?! And I've read also that PS3 will have a lot of games too on launch games like MGS4 and so...I think these are lies because it doesn't seem possible...but what do you think?

And another thing...Capcom what about Capcom?? Will they continue to support Nintendo like they did in this generation??! I mean when I've played Resident Evil 4....WOW!!!
I pray for that Capcom continue to make Resident Evil games for Nintendo exclusive or not I don't care I just want to play these games!!

Sorry for the long post...hope to see you soon...


3:16 AM  
Blogger revenent said...

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9:10 AM  
Blogger revenent said...

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9:12 AM  
Blogger revenent said...

Tiger ninja//
I don't think those games are necessary games for rev. Theres lot more better games than those which are made by nintendo. I cant understand why u r desiring about Ratchet and Jak, these are too common genre in nintendo consoles u know. like zelda or mario and stuff.

9:13 AM  
Blogger TheFoxHound said...

Osoko, WHY did you remove my second comment in your last post? Did I happen to say anything that is true? Hm?

9:53 AM  
Blogger osoko tanaka said...

Like I said, I read all your comments and I try to answer them. Next time I try to answer them. Anyway, I wanna say to "thefoxhounder", I didn't remove your comment.
And I respect all comments. I only remove the comments that say insults.

10:59 AM  
Blogger TheFoxHound said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:21 PM  
Blogger TheFoxHound said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:21 PM  
Blogger TheFoxHound said...

Well there weren't any insults in that comment and I defiently did not remove it myself. If I had it would have shown. When I checked to look at all the comments my second one had just disappeared. It was there before, gone later. Maybe that is your name, I don't know.

But I want answers, because that is fishy.

9:24 PM  
Blogger aavan said...

Thank you very much for answering my questions, Osoko

7:40 AM  

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