Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Do you want to know more about me?

Hi guys x 2

I've edited this post cause I consider is better edit it than post another thing. Cause I don't talk about new data.
All you need to know about new data is on an interview that
the page called revogaming has done to me.
Otherwise, I've answered to the questions of another sites. It is called n-revolution.
Do you remember when I say I answered the questions of Fumatrix.?
I edit it cause I don't know that someone could think I was lying saying it.

Next time, I will answer your questions guys of your comments

See you time...

Osoko Tanaka


Blogger MFauli said...

Hi Osoko,

i´m MFauli from germany.
What you are telling us really sounds plausible.
But back then, when i look at Iwata, Miyamoto or anyone else of the Nintendo-heads, i have to ask you:

Why do they allow you to publish such information?
When you say "HDTV is coming as periphic, WHY isn´t Nintendo making up this information to the great public, so that no one of these terrible people, posessed by their graphics fetishism, could complain like "woot?!? they dont give us HDTV? Shut up, boy, i dont care that i dont have a HDTV, but i hate Nintendo, that they dont support it!"

So, in conclusion, why isn´t Nintendo giving us such important news, but you ARE, and why should give Nintendo the permission to do this to YOU?

Whats the final target of this information politics?

6:35 AM  
Blogger Nushio said...

mfauli, the final target of Osoko is getting attention. I sincerely doubt he actually has any information at all regarding Nintendo Revolution.

The only reason i've been reading this is to see when he proves me wrong and actually proves he worked with Nintendo.

So far he has been trampling over himself. Creating interesting stories that, it seems, everyone stopped believing.

A few months ago, each blog post would net him more than 50 comments. Currently, that 'Fan Base' has died.

6:43 AM  
Blogger MFauli said...

Well, please wait, i want to see, what he´ll answer to me.
If he has something plausible, i will put him onto my "would be too gorgeous, if true, but i dont have much hope..."-list.
If he has nothing, i will start to ignore him.

Nothing easier than that, eh ;-)

6:54 AM  
Blogger Baldridge said...

The trouble is that there are a few of us out here who are born and bred in Japan ourselves. For us, it's easy to tell he is not Japanese. He leaves too many obvious holes unfortunately. Whoever wants to do a fake Japanese man must check with a native Japanese first to make sure such obvious holes don't exist.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Samusa said...

nushio, the "fanbase" has died because now you have to register to post. It was a smart move on Osoko's part, there were too many immature kids posting here.

12:21 PM  
Blogger White Wolf said...

He doesn't know anything. He says that capcom is working on titles, but capcom just came out with a press release saying that they know close to nothing on what the revolution is, and that they don't even have dev kits.

1:00 PM  
Blogger Nushio said...

White Wolf: Nintendo may have not yet released the kits, yet they said that if they start work on gamecube, they can easily 'transfer' the info into the rev dev kits.

Samusa: I still believe he knows nothing. He hasn't revealed any info Nintendo hasnt revealed. The only reason I still check this blog is to see IF he actually reveals something. Im trying to scour the net for info, and this happens to be like Rosswell, it was rumored aliens once appeared there, and who knows, it might be there where they come back, you know, if they ever came there in the first place.

1:17 PM  
Blogger markygranger_inmhs said...

Hmmm, i'm a bit suspicious of Osoko, is he playing us for fools? Releasing so much information...we'll see...

1:38 PM  
Blogger Nushio said...

Inmhs Revolution: Releasing too much information? He is doing the exact opposite. He said tons of stuff, but he has confirmed none that Nintendo has confirmed.

Most of the info, he gets out of other rumours, like the FAKE 'hd dvd' image he posted months ago. Or the fake controller (which he claimed to be real, "Yes, it is one of the x (x = I don't remember how many) prototipes which Nintendo has designed with...K...I (I can't tell you the full name)")

Basically, he has been playing with the rumours. If he had the chance, he would have confirmed Nintendo On as a real video.

2:11 PM  
Blogger White Wolf said...

posted 9:40am EST Wed Jun 22 2005

A recent meeting of Capcom's vice president of R&D, Tatsuya Minami, and Capcom Production Studio 1 has revealed that even the developers closest to Nintendo have little idea as to what the Revolution gaming console will be.

At the meeting Minami-san admitted that his company has not been given any information about the Revolution as of yet. He also admitted that he's concerned about it, as the console is probably going to be released late next year, leaving little time for development.

Other comments made it clear that Capcom believes a single dominant console is not good for the industry, and that it would be supporting all three next-gen machines. I don't believe Nintendo is going to mess this up--it can't afford to. With Revolution due for release late next year, Nintendo needs to realistically get development kits out by the end of the summer. If the tools are as easy to use as those for the GameCube then creating a game in the period before launch is possible.

n the Famitsu, the survey asked, "Will you develop for this console?"

0% said "We are currently developing it now."

So Revolution's games aren't being developed sadly (excluding first-party)... Usually games take a long time to make, parties can't possibly make one before the release date.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Nushio said...

White Wolf: As true as that might be, Nintendo has said that they are planning to make Revolution 'Accesible to small teams', and that 'a small group with a big idea can make a Revolution game'.

Those might not be the exact words, but they are close to.

The reason none are currently developing (and that saddens me up), is because they are waiting for the dev kits, however, Nintendo has publicly announced that they can start work on Gamecube, so if they haven't started, is because they arent that interested in Revolution.

Capcom always makes games for all consoles. Even PSP. So its no surprise its planning on using Revolution.

Finally, In MY Opinion, Revolution will launch on Mid 2006. Not q3 or q4 as most have speculated, which would leave a bit more than half a year to develop revolution games if the dev kits are sent in September or August (Spaceworld)

5:20 PM  
Blogger White Wolf said...

My whole point is that no developer has started working on games for the rev which would make everything on this blog false.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Nushio said...

White Wolf: Even IF developers have started work, this blog is still false.

7:27 PM  
Blogger John said...

I would like to add something if I may. Now Osoko said that the Nintendo On video was a protype if I am not mistaken. I am not saying he's right or anything, but go back and watch the video. There is something that might strike you. Now I am well aware that the video came out a week before E3. Now if you look in the video it shows a GC, PC, TV, and a box with an question mark on the inside. Could that box be the Revolution system that was shown at E3? It just seems weird that a video of a mock-up has a box with a question mark. Doesn't that strike you as odd? What do you guys think?

8:53 PM  
Blogger MSG said...

You really make a good work. Im totally impressed of you. What are you doing at the day? Dont you die of laughing on the people. I would =P

1:04 AM  
Blogger Nushio said...

John: The Nintendo On video was proven fake because of the data they provided. On the video, they mentioned dates that did not match, or some other numbers.

The Nintendo On video revealed the 'Console' and the 'Controller', it was as if it was 2 videos at once. One advertising Nintendo On, and the other one showing it.

Msg: I too wonder what he does when he is not at the blog. He is probably thinking in new ways to amuse us.

Osoko: Try juggling 4 Rev. Controllers next time while standing on top of a chair thats already on top of a unicycle on a rope 100 ft in the air.

That would be amusing :D

7:29 AM  
Blogger John said...

I am well aware about the data being fake. GC was released in 2001 not 2002. But that wasn't my point for mentioning the video. What about the part that I was talking about. The square with the question mark there. Do you have any idea as to why that's there. A few days later Mr. Iwata revealed the REAL Revolution but it was the exact same shape as the one shown with the question mark in it. My question to the person who made that video would be why did you put a "mystery box" in the video if it was a mock-up? Do you see where I am coming from? I am not trying to prove the video real, but it is just that one part that is really throwing me for a loop!

8:39 AM  
Blogger g said...

Did anyone else notice the huge difference in the writing style. It just screams fake. I am kind of lazy but look at the times in his posts, I wonder if they sync up with normal online times in Japan.

9:58 AM  
Blogger John said...

Hi Osoko, I just read in one of your interviews that someone is trying to shut your blog down. Can you elaborate on that for us? Also if you really do know any secret information, when are you going to release it? I mean in order for us to really believe you we need to know something unique about Revolution that Nintendo hasn't released yet. Are you planning to reveal anything new before Nintendo reveals anything to prove to us that you are who you say you are? And if so, when? The only real reason I signed up for this blog was to talk to you. And is this Xenius game that Reggie mentioned the project in which you were talking about? Thank Osoko and I am looking forward to hearing your reply.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Nushio said...

John: I know I aint Osoko, but I might be able to provide more answers than him/her.

Xenias is a game being made by Retro Studios supposedly, the interview where you got the info has not yet been confirmed, and I have my doubts about its authenticity. (Take a look at "Mr. Harrison", as they called Reggie in that page)

Xenias is supposed to use Rev's controller to the fullest. My question is that, since Nintendo has not yet given the Dev Kits, and since a magazine called Famitsu(Fumitsu? Cant remember the spelling) revealed that no developer is currently working on N Rev, it gives me doubt in Retro Studios, the interview, and of course, Osoko.

Ive doubted Osoko before the E3, and I still doubt him/her.

I would really like to hear about the real 'Revolution', but according to Nintendo, they will reveal this info by themselves, and not by some fan site blog

8:34 PM  
Blogger John said...

Thanks Nushio. I notice that George Harrison thing and that confused me a lot! I am just so anxious to hear more about the Revolution. Obviously I am sure everyone is as well. I will die if Osoko is right and it would be a blessing if he truley is correct. I am hoping for a true Revolution. I am just praying that Revolution truely is a revolution and not simple little changes. You know what I mean?

9:10 PM  
Blogger Dylan said...

Hey all! I typed rather a lot so I've cut it down.
Been following this Revolution blog and related sites and rumours for months and it's been great fun. Hopefully we can all meet up online in the Revolution some day :)
Ok here are my logs to fuel the fire...
This came from, I believe, a Chinese site at the start of E3. But it seems to have disappeared without a mention.

Super Mario Adventure - Nintendo
Super Mario 3D - Nintendo
Metroid 3 - Nintendo
ONLINE Super Smash Bros - Nintendo
Kid Icarus - CAPCOM
GrASP! - Nintendo
FF Crystal Chronicles - Square Enix

All very exciting if true.
1. IGN, completely out of the blue, asked Miyamoto in an interview about Kid Icarus to which Miyamoto replied 'If you think of the type of game it is, you'll get an idea of the controller'.
This appeared days after the Rev games list.
So we know that exists.
2. It was reported that Miyamoto was working on a puzzle game that you could feel. Now with a name like GrASP! Doesn't that suggest you grab hold or grip? More controller info!
3. As far as 'no developers on Revolution yet'. They wouldn't say even if they were. NDAs are shutting them up. The funny thing is developers have got out of answering questions for years by either a 'no comment' or a blatant lie so it's confusing for those who want the truth, the gamers.

5:23 AM  
Blogger Nushio said...

John: I'd really like to meet you in the future, playing SSB Online or any other game.

I know exactly what you mean, Nintendo tends to focus saying that the controller IS the revolution... We'll have to see about that though.

Dylan: A Few weeks since the E3 started, a website called had a message saying "several days until......." and "several days until.....", however, since the first date approached, they shut down the site.

Doing a small study, I came with the email of the owner, and all I can say that website is a complete fake :)

Super Mario Adventure <- Can't say I dont expect it. Mabe its Mario 128?
Super Mario 3D <- I just hope its a 2 player game like the OLD super mario bros games.
Metroid 3 <- We can confirm this.
ONLINE Super Smash Bros <. We can confirm this as well.
NiGHTS <- Never heard of this one.
Kid Icarus <- Nintendo said that if some guy at IGN would buy a new Kid Icarus game, then they would seriously think of making one, so it isnt strange.
GrASP! <- Sounds like a BEEHIVE puzzle game.
FF Crystal Chronicles <- We got this one confirmed ;)

Now, i've never heard of GrASP! before, so where did you get this info? The chinese site?

I cant wait to see the controller.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Fredster said...

I just want to say that I belive you totally, and hope that everything you say is true. There was recently a "leaked poster"

I just wanted to know what you think/know about this.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Nushio said...

Fredster: It looks 'shopped. Either way, the whole 'Think outside the box' thing seems like a way to hurt the X Box, and I like that (hurting X Box :D)

I really cant wait to see the actual controller, thats the reason I check this page several times a day.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Baldridge said...

Like I said, guys... he isn't Japanese. I can't say anything about the accuracy of information he's giving, but one thing I do know is he isn't Japanese.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Nushio said...

Baldridge: Hes no Japanese, hes from Retard. The country right next to Assholia and Idiopolis.

3:13 PM  
Blogger pn18 said...

osoko, let it be.
i don't know the reason why you can't ANSWER IN A CORRECTLY and a CONCRETETLY way?
please tell me the reason.
is your englsih sooo bad?
i don't know.

let it be - the beatles

3:17 PM  
Blogger Grant Michael said...

in your blog, your english really sucks, but i must say I saw great improvement in your speaking in the interview... your worlds actually made since there(...) <--as you would say.

I'm really thinking ur not japaneese too

5:58 PM  
Blogger Tigerninja said...

Do you want to know the revolution is? read this source is a dutch site i translatie for ya'll

According to laying patent on several functions, seems have confessed there now enough concerning the possible controller for the Nintendo Revolution. We have listed everything for you. The office where patent applications for their newest developments commit has recently a number of new additives of Nintendo geupdate. Appears that it must go the new controller of the Revolution which will appear somewhere in 2006, on the market. Mentioned below have we everything for your at each other put. The gyroscope function in the controller there for care that the picture what we get finished on the baffle will hang of that which the outcome is of the view. The scoop calculate as it were everything by means of own calculations to be able change the picture this way. The player will be himself by means of the use of the gyroscope more in 3D a world then formerly. The design and functions of the controller have been also already confessed. The controller in any case LCD (Liquid Crystal Device) will contain baffle. The bud service is read probably also already from the patent. The controller will contain vierpuntsdruktoets (d path), a start bud and selectknop left of the LCD baffle. A-en b bud will at the right-hand side be placed of the baffle. The Len r bud just like on the GameCube controller, on top of the apparatus will be now placed. Possibly infer that there no analogue stick is will be used. The new gyroscopische mechanism will replace this function probably. The controller by means of the use of CPU contents the LCD controller will control, the working memory to keep up and video memory to control. All this will make connection with each other by means of 2 different connections. THE LCD baffle will contain, just like those of the Dual Screen, the possibility to use as touchscreen. The contents of whole are this way strong, which the controller themselves can mini twist already games such as you have got used in Mario 64 D. The controller will contain an entrance to read to the end cards memory. The made Flash Cards applicable has been perhaps confessed. By exchanging the cartridge the player himself can molars which game he/she plays. Several players have therefore by means of Hertzian connections the possibility own save of opening traffic-jams on each other console. The controller contain therefore further a lot few buds if you examine that the LCD baffle it most work will perform. The gamer stipulate therefore themselves how he/she experiences the game by sending several sides to the controller.

1:45 AM  
Blogger revenent said...

You guys have to know that
theres no disadvantages to us whether we believe him or not. Just shut up and leave here if you think hes talking bullshit.

3:39 AM  
Blogger pn18 said...

you are bullshit @revenent

9:47 AM  
Blogger Van Glorious said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Tigerninja said...

OSOKO TANAKA is REAL!!! read this Osoko mentiod before is his blog this is no coincidence!!! if you read this you wil be convincet. (source

E-Mail 1:


As for the controller I don’t think it has been finalized but I have
seen and programmed for the official concept controller and used it
twice. It is very similar to the “nesvolution” one pad for each hand
with weighted gyroscopes and haptic feedback. At first glance it
seems kind of weird to think about tactically using it to control
certain types of games but once you pick it up its actually very
simple and easy to use with any game. I know Nintendo is still
working on a way to connect the two controllers at the players will,
probably through a magnetic lock system. As for the Nintendo On
which it WILL NOT be called once it is confirmed will present a
panoramic view to represent a full field on vision as we all have in
real life and will be in HD believe it or not. It will probably be
confirmed when the spec for the Rev. are made public and will be
launched a quarter year after Rev. launches. My only gripe is that
the On system at launch will retail for the same amount as the actual
Rev. system itself. It will not be a gaming machine unto itself but
merely an add-on to the Rev. to allow completely immersive
Stereoscopic 3-D will also be a prevalent part of the interface but
coupled with the visor and controllers will allow something NEVER
seen before in gaming. The stereoscoping is still being tweaked to
turn whatever room your in into a the game environment effectively
rendering your room part of the game. Coupled with the visor this
could turn you entire home into a nightmarish landscape. The
projector alone with only be able to project a limited no. of NPC’s
into your environment at any given time depending on the size of the
NPC‘s. Take RE4 for example the projector could probably project
about 12 ganados at any given time into your environment but only one
El Gigante or boss at a time. When the visor is on though it will
allow the entire game to be presented in full virtual reality with no
sacrifices whatsoever, and with the environment capturing radar it
could effectively turn your own home into the game environment.
Imagine Resident Evil zombies busting through your doors and coming
after you with their blood and body parts being rendered onto your
environment in real-time as you fight them. That is an actual
possibility of the On visor.
The controller will be capable of everything past controllers were
but much more and the customization that you will have at your hands
is unprecedented. It will feature haptic feedback illustrating
through vibration whatever your on-screen character is doing or
feeling this represents mood, heartbeat, nervousness, adrenaline
rushes, tension, being shot or hit with something, jumping from a
high place, etc… This haptic force feedback will be mapped into
buttons and controller itself. Another controller feature is its
ability to heat up and cool down illustrating how the environment
temperature feels or it you are having to hold on to something that
is hot or cold. Coupled with this is the controller will have
built-in mic to talk to things or blow on things in the game to move
them or cool them down. The mic will also have voice distortion
features to work with the dev. Tool or chat online. The other big
feature of the controller is its ability to feel depth and reach out
and grab the world so to speak. For example instead of just pressing
a button to open a door you would point one of the control pad towards
the door twist the knob and pull the door open, or just kick it open
with another movement. This depth mapping allows all sorts of
actions to be preformed much more realistically and true to life for
example: swinging a sword, reloading or firing a weapon, picking
something up and turning it over, do melee combat with your own two
An example I saw in action was a character was hanging from a ledge
MGS style and you would literally have to squeeze the handles to keep
from falling and you could also feel the haptic vibration from his
heart and the coolness of the ledge. This was a tech demo showing
all of the features working together. Of course all this will be
left up to the developer but they promise to be extraordinary
features. The projector will also have two options: Stereoscopic 3-D
or flat panel projection. This allows Rev. to be a portable system as
it can project the game on any wall or flat surface. The stand for
Rev. will be a recharger of sorts and will have the angle required to
be project Stereoscopic 3-D properly. The only reason for the
rechargeable battey is for the projection otherwise when you run out
of battery life you can just hook it up to a TV or computer monitor.
Alright I have to get back to work but I will keep you up to date as I
can please ask any questions you might have.

E-Mail 2:

I have signed back on to gamespot under the same username don’t know
for how long though. Anyway just wanted to present the full picture
of what the Nintendo Revolution will be. Take into account
everything I have mentioned an advanced dev. Tool, the spec, the
controller, Stereoscopic 3-D, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the addition of
the ON peripheral will allow something never before seen. As for the
spec the three PPU and AI chips are not regular large accelerator
cards but small custom chips that have dedicated specific jobs. This
decision makes the chips very inexpensive since they are all done to
Nintendo specifications and are all new tech. This frees up needed
power, lowers price and gives an easy development process. A lot of
this has to do with space compensation where it appears they have
taken the basic idea of nanotechnology and basically super sized it
cutting down power consumption and increasing power in an inexpensive
way, not to mention a dramatic drop in heat dissipation. It is not
nano but it takes that basic idea of compacting everything close
together to get huge optimum performance on low power consumption.
Combined with the controller everything falls into place if you think
about it allowing and forcing innovation in a practical way. The
controller will have the option to connect the two pads if you’d like
and you will not have to necessarily do unorthodox movement in most
games it is all in how you combine and complement all the features
together that will create the Revolution.

The ON peripheral will not turn every game to first-person perspective
you will see the character just the same as on T.V. just in a more
immersed virtualized reality. And the ON will be able to capture
your environment and use that as the basis for the game environment
or actually capture the room that your in into the game world as the
projector will not be capable of doing. I don’t think the dev. Tool
at launch will be capable of giving you all the features that the
Rev.’s controller and the On will have to work with and put in other
games. But I wouldn’t doubt they will be made available at some time
for a fee through Nintendo’s Wi-Fi connection. Stereoscopic 3-D and
the flat-panel 20’in. projection will also be amazing feature that
the new games will be able to present, it will be a very
high-fidelity LCD inexpensive projector created in Japan. The
heat/cool sensors won’t be able to burn or freeze your hand probably
only a 15 degree room tempature difference at max.

There seems to be this false notion that Nintendo just can’t afford
all this but all who believe this are fools, Nintendo makes only
profits and is just as rich as Sony only through gaming technology,
they are HUGELY rich. A multi-billion dollar company that has not
seen debt since the Virtual Boy trust me when I say that Nintendo is
not hurting for money. I hope developers implement the dev. Tool
into some sort of actual gameplay. And the dev. Tool alone with the
controller features and customization gives the entire back library
an infinite replay value, just think about it. I was messing around
with the dev. Tool and was playing through Ocarina of time with Leon
with a shotgun, Rocket Lancher, boomerang, and hookshot with
cel-shaded deaths for the NPC’s and I had it playing like a dream in
about 20 minutes. With rag doll physics and everything and whats
great is anybody can do it us developers will be working with the
same thing to make the games for Rev. as the consumer can play around
with. And the controller adds all new depth and features to old games
as you can customize it to your liking.

As to the Rogue Squadron game I’m working with to my knowledge it will
be on all three platforms, I am working on the Xbox 360 version and
let me tell you from first hand experience that the 360 dev. Tool
sucks! All it is is a souped up xbox with more online features
that I don’t even care about. The games will have to be at least $80
for premire blockbusters since it is grueling trying to map out and
detail everything and takes so much time and there are so many bugs
to work out. That is what makes the Rev. a supreme system since it
supports dedicated cube-mapping and other patented techniques that
allow extremely detailed environments and characters with little work
and lets you focus more on gameplay and controller complementation. I
really hope that Epic and Carmack allow their engines to be dedicated
at least for developers because the performance and ease of
development that the Rev. will allow will crush Xbox 360’s
complicated and piece of junk dev. Kit, and PS3’s is WAY worse it
will take at least two years to even match what was seen in the PS3
trailers at E3 just in the visuals department. Although you will
have to purchase a broadband wireless adapter to connect to Wi-Fi
without a hotspot but it gives online multiplayer a whole new kind of
fun and eliminates all the bs that revolves around xbox live. The
visor with the ON with feature 5.1 surround sound and present games
in 720p. This move to HD makes sense because not everybody owns an
HDTV instead they are bundling it with that add-on in an inexpensive
way so everyone can enjoy it I presume. The Rev. system itself will
snap into place in the ON component to be compatible with the visor.
Whereas the part where the projector is on the Rev. will go directly
into the ON and now you will be able to play in virtual reality. The
visor may or may not have built-in gyroscopes for turning your head
but I think that is still being debated, it wasn’t in the prototype
that I used anyway. The only game that was on the list I sent you
guys that I have doubts about making it to the US is “Ichi the
Killer” it is based on a Japanese film from the director of movies
Audition, Visitor Q, and Dead or Alive and from what I saw it will be
EXTREMELY violent. The game has to do with torture and the Ya Kuza
mafia and plays into the violence and torture with the controller
features. I have never seen the movie but I can imagine from what I
saw from the game that it is gut-wrenching. Anyway I hope I could
give you a more in-depth idea of what the Rev. will actually be. My
real excitement comes from being able to see what people are going to
do with it and being able to develop for it, the dev. Tool and
controllers with the ON add-on has me really stoked to say the least.
Anyways we’ll be in touch and take care

Osoko anser my quetions from the last blog pleas.And you this tru don't be scared the confirmt it.

5:47 AM  
Blogger Kruster said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:23 AM  
Blogger Kruster said...

I'm really starting to believe in you Osoko! Reggie has said the next :

" absolutely, for Revolution you will see all of our franchises, plus, we've gone on record to say that we are aggressively working on a number of new franchises. And that is something that has been a criticism of the past, you know, "Folks, are you milking Mario and doing too many Mario-type games?" We are hard at work at new franchises and we believe that's going to be critical to the launch of Revolution"

Sounds cool :)

6:27 AM  
Blogger MSG said...

Hi Osoko. What do you think about the advertising?

Fake right? Or what dou you think?

7:40 AM  
Blogger Tigerninja said...


7:54 AM  
Blogger Nushio said...

Tiger Ninja: I read those emails last night, and all i can say is....

ROFLMAO! *Rolls on floor, laughing my ass out!!!*

They claim Nintendo On to be real.

Msg: The advertising is fake :(
I wanted it to be real because of the release date of March 19th. Too bad its fake :(

Kruster: Believe what you want. This guy (Osoko) isnt even japanese. He claims to be though.

10:09 AM  
Blogger MSG said...

I only want to ask Osoko what he is thinking about it. I didnt say, that i believe him or this picture.

3:38 PM  
Blogger John said...

Tigerninja: Interesting e-mail! So many people keep looking back to Nintendo ON just as I do. Now he claims that the video is real just as Osoko does, but there is one thing that makes the video false. Nintendo GC came out in 2001. IN the video it said 2002. But there is one thing that still makes me go back to the video. That box that has a question mark in it. I still ask if a fan made it why on earth would they put a mysterious thing like that in a mock up. Also that mysterious thing is also in the shape of the actual Revolution. Those e-mails seem to be to well done to just be blown off. I am going to continue looking into this unfinished video. Even though Nintendo and IGN claim its fake I still believe there is something behind it. Plus it is obvious that if there was a leak, Nintendo or IGN would not tell us. There working for eachother and would not tell us even if it was. I ask you one thing, who sent you those e-mails?

Osoko: Why are you so quiet? I would really like to hear a response from you on everything that is being said. So far everything you seem to be saying seems to be coming true. (But slowly)

Everyone: I decided to e-mail Nintendo and ask about some of these. They refused to answer any of my questions including the ones about Osoko. Instead they completely went off topic and sent me an almost pointless e-mail. Interesting!

Nushio: I would be more than happy to meet with you. We can play SSB Revolution. That would be Awesome! :D I think everyone on here should all meet up. WE should all play SSB! :D

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Blogger Grant Michael said...

at least continue to post about something; wether or not people believe what you say is true. I have no way of knowing if your for real or not and neither does anyone else, but anyone that does come here is at least interested in what you've got to say so please keep the info coming.

3:31 PM  
Blogger nw15062 said...

tanaka san, nihongo wakata desu ka? watashi no nihongo wa choto ii, watashi wa nippon-jin ja nai ga nippon wa watashi no uchi. anata hanashimashite Veeru Aru, kore was sugoi, nanda Veeru Aru osoi.

Is it Vertical RGB LED row refracting off mirrors like the VB or Stationary LCD/OLED Fixated?

I am so sorry to hear you lost your job at Nintendo, You must have loved your work greatly.

Was it hard to have the system displace layered sprites for 3d depth? On the emulator for the 2d game systems,when they say enhanced graphics they dont mean recreated, they mean it will appear is if floating flat layers like Paper Mario right or am I mistaking?

How can you think of a enviroment and the game creates it? I dont understand. Can you rephrase it a little better without giving too much away.

I understand why you will not give to much info out, You are faithful to Nintendo and dont want to hurt their business, I am a large Fan of video game immersion and have waited a long time for the next level to come along.

3:17 AM  
Blogger MR.Nintendo said...

tanaka-san ga nihon jin ja nai? hontou? kore wa totemo zannen sesu ne...

"nintendou no syain"-tanaka-san, kyo no niuusu wo yomimasendeshita ka?

ok, thanks to nw15062 and all the people around,however, for the supposed "nintendo insider", we should show our respect to him, at least, until he comes out and say something again truthfully.

田中さん、you can use your first language if you like, and many of us wont mind, and perhaps we can get some more "info" out from here.

If you are turely Nintendo Insider, then "your fans" would not react like this.

there is still some time for you to fix it...hopefully.

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