Monday, March 19, 2007

Let's answer some questions...

Welcome back everybody, yeah, I'm here...writing again, remembering our times

I'm sure you're wondering why am I writing this blog, or why did I leave it for months.
But the only thing that I could tell ya is it's MY own blog and now I want to listen your ideas. How? Joy here! U should send me an email, telling me what do you want to write and WHY. So I'll send you an account, to become a part of the Osoko Tanaka's Staff.
With DA account u'll be able to write what do you want about Nintendo.

On the other hand, I'm gonna answer some questions. I'm Osoko Tanaka, like I sed. Otherwise, I'm not Japanese 100% coz my mother are not from Japan.

I'm not gonna tell ya where I live, coz I've always thought it doesn't matter. Ma job is develop to mobile systems at this moment. So I'm not a Nintendo developer. Anyway I have contacts from Nintendo coz like I sed I worked there. So'll I have some friends from there.
That's why I've known Nintendo wii pad were "2". And some launch games. And other info.

I know you don't like Wii graphics. Let me tell ya you don't see anything. Nothing. Coz some third parties doesn't have good developer kits. (newest version) and Nintendo is waiting for a kit who let it work with broadway and hollywood. Now it's not using all the power. Only the 40%.

Nintendo is ready to licence Unreal Engine 3 for Wii. Anyway it must launch a blue ray disc unit. Nintendo should talk about its plans to launch a blue ray disc unit (from Panasonic) before 2008.
Yes, blue ray disc.
See you later


Blogger vb said...

Yay, your weird. xD

2:15 PM  
Blogger Zucas said...

Wow still at it eh Osoko. Yea I'll email you soon to get the full story but nice to see ya back I guess.

8:16 PM  
Blogger vb said...

Seriousgamer007's blog was more fun.
But this is better than nothing...

6:11 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

hi osoko...

i have send you an e-mail!

please answer me...

thanks! :)

11:14 AM  
Blogger Lord_Darcia said...

You better answer all of these questions asshole:

1) Give me the FULL SPECS of nintendo Wii. Here is what i want:


2) Why did nintendo NOT use HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disk? You showed a picture of a hand showing a disk that said NINTENDO RS. That picture was later proven fake, yet you claimed it was true

3) Where are the games that show the true power of nintendo wii? I dont see any games that are as good as playstation 3 or xbox360

4) Will nintendo use some sort of holographic projection technology or augmented reality or a visor headset to see images in 3-d?

You are a fake period.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

i think i know, what osoko means with the i-adapter:

ladies and gentlemen, i have broken the mystery:

it will be a glove!!! yes, a glove that you put on your you can feel the game nearer!! emagin to open a door or to move every finger. and , like osoko said, you will feel hot,cold and wet sensations!!!
and now, think to play with it in combination with a 3d-visor in a virtual world. it will be like in real life.
and the grafik will be with cube-mapping, which makes it with less power very powerfull , just like in real life.better then x-box and eben ps3!
you will say "wow", nintendo didn t lie!!
more comes soon at:!!!

11:12 AM  
Blogger GWX said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:27 AM  
Blogger GWX said...

This blog is fake Osoka. I am 100% convinced of that.

BLU-RAY support from Ninendo. Not happening!
HD-DVD support from Nintendo, not happening!

Nintendo will release a DVD enabled Wii later this year. Standard DVD that is.

Plus on an sd card on the current non-dvd playback Wii you can aready play quicktime movies and videos from a camera from the SD card in Wii photo channel.

Osoko your talking utter filth. Lies!
Nothing you say is true,

There is NOTHING ELSE ABOUT THE Wii that we don't already know.(Just waiting on WiiConnect24 and onlne play)
I have seen Super Mario Galaxy...that is as good as graphics is on Wii and that's good enough. That is amasing graphics. Wii won't dissapoint when ti flex its graphics muscle for sure(HD is NOT required in my opinion!)

Quit trying to mess with people osoka. It's not good.
Quit it. Time to close this FAKE blog.
Nintendo wiLl reveal the rest of what they already told us at E3 the new in July this year. All the stuff you have been saying for YEARS now is fake. Never turned otut to be true.

So I have to ask you Osoko, why do you keep doing this?

Are you a fan of Nintendo(like me)? Do you own PS3 or Xbox360?
Whats the deal?

What exactly are you getting to do this blog? You have to be getting PAID from pop-adverts here. Everytime I VISIT i SEE IT POP-UP!!!

I really want to know.
Because everyone knows the blog is fake and yet you keep coming back with the LIES all the time.

So WHY exactly do you do it?
Do you get paid from the pop-op ads?

I bet that is it? Right?
Come on Osoko TELL THE TRUTH!

11:29 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

a try to break the mystery!!

osoko gave us a lot of keys in the past. with it, we can see what nintendo will do in a few month.
nintendo will give hope for all hard-core-gamers.they will see the best games, they have never seen before. why? cause nintendo have a new way to show grafix! and that will impress you.. believe it, or not, it s true.
why? cause osoko is not lieing!!! he told us the truth in combination of letting hints:

"Look at Wii. You'll see a mistery. What does mean "it?" Why is "this" there?"

"you'll say WOW when you see Wii graphics"....What does it means? Wii doesn't have a powerfull technology...or it seems to be? "
"I'm doing a machine, it doesn't require expensives chips, it makes good games...and it looks pretty good."
"at least, you should have "it" to can keep showing good graphics...what is it? what does have wii???"

the answer is simple:

wii have a blue light! and that makes it different to other consoles, cause its a machine that will produce pictures or videos without need of television!!!!!!
with an 3d-stereoscopic add-on!!
you will be in a hole new virtual world, like nintendo promissed us("I think maybe if I could do anything, I would make it so you don't have to sit in front of a TV and play. If you could have a machine that you just plugged in and played inside a virtual world that - would be just great." -Miyamoto)
-so you will be in the game.without tv. its old! a new 3d-virtual-world. that is the future.

but when will it be released?

i hope in the end of the year.
perhaps bluelightoptics will be included...... :)

thank u osoko for 2 years of entertaining us !!
e- mail me:

12:22 PM  
Blogger GWX said...

So how does he know that Wii is using 40% of the power if the graphics will be 3D?

How does he even know?
I think hes just lying and getting paid to run this blog through pop-up ads as I said before!

I once believed in this:
but am afraid I live in the real world where that is just not a reality.
Super Mario Galaxies graphics are excellent(from the videos shown so far) but they look nothing like that Nintendo ON thing.
Which is basically what osokaa is saying here... and you sebastian is backing him up...
You are both basically saying that somthing like Nintendo On is real.
When we know it is NOT!

6:00 PM  
Blogger GWX said...

I will post the same thing I did at sebeastian world blog...

graphics on Wii will be great.
Why? Wii is like two gamecubes stuck together.(as one game developers said)
That is not a PS3 nor an Xbox360 but it is more power than we have seen on gamecube,xbox1,ps2.

So it will still make us say Wow(when we see Wii's true graphics power) even though its not HD like Xbox360/PS3/PC.

But it won't be what you say here.

It can't be better than PS3. PS3/Xbox360 have HD power, Wii does not.

So Wii will have amazing graphics for such a tiny device, but it won't be HD.

There is no sterescopic 3d. There is no Nintendo ON( It is all fake.

Wii is exactly as it is in the box. Wii is underpowered compared to the other consoles, but the way you control games is innovative and graphics WILL WoW as well.
Amasing realistic-like graphics plus immersive innovative controls is what Wii is all about.

All the things you have here sebastian, I am afraid to tell you just like "seriousgamer007" and "osoko", this is all JUST NOT TRUE.

Why don't you all appreciate Wii for what IT IS. Stop trying to make it somthing else.

It been 3 years now(dnce 2004) and still these theories never stop? The Wii has been released WorldWide yet you people still believe there is somthig else?
That is madness! Madness!
I have followed everything for the three years, and now that the console has been released and I have seen what SuperMario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 will look like from previews,demos and videos I can say that I am happy of what Wii can do graphically, and it doesn't need any more than that!

Plus it has the Wii-mote to immerse you and so on so what else do you need from a games console?

Buck up sebastian the Wii is not going to have anything else dramatic.
What you see is what you get as it is NOW.

I see yo havn't posted for a while, Good
Maybe you get that the Wii isn't going tohave anything else and finally given up.
Osoko needs to do the same. This train ride is over.

Its been too many years now and the Wii still doesn't have all these things you people have claimed.
tsk. tsk. tsk.
Time to give it up and do somthing else folks.

6:44 AM  
Blogger ian said...

Dude, Please...stop posting and close this blog! Wii isnt some kind of portal into a gaming universe!!! Wii doesnt need you saying that it has better graphics because it doesnt need them! Wii is powerfull enough as it is.

Wii is changing how gamers play and thats what makes it great. Wii is far beyound what 360 and ps3 can ever do because once you get used to thoses eye melting graphix your left playing the same old games...personally ive been playing thoses games for years and I want a new take on them, and I dont mean the I-Adaptor or whatever you call it!

Its all about how the software plays/interacts with its subject. You can have hyper realistic visuals coming out off your coohoot! But if you dont have great software then am afraid your doomed! Nintendo is not only giving us this but, they are also tieing togeather crucial BONDS with key 3rd party develpoers the world! Which was key to the PS2/PS1 success! And with Nintendo's hardware selling like free Money thoses developers are now coming to Nintendo!!!

So please, Wii is already amazing as it stands. Celebrate that instead my young friend!

3:39 AM  
Blogger GWX said...

Where is the immersion unit?
Is it the Wii Balance Board?
Are we going to feel hot and cold through that.

Highly unlike.

9:45 AM  
Blogger GWX said...

*Highly unlikely*

9:46 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

new rumors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

look at: !!!!!!!!!

10:09 AM  
Blogger GWX said...

Wii Bläck Edition | System Upgrade only via Software Implementation


CPU och GPU - 768 pm Endogenous+Cathexis

CPU - Endogenous/Broadway
Specially designed Nintendo/IBM PowerPC-based (POWER7) CPU 5 symmetrical cores each clocked at 4.2 GHz
5 hardware thread per core
2 VMX-512 vector units per core
256 VMX-512 register per thread
Special support for SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading)
5 MB L2 cache
5 MB Scratchpad

CPU Mathematical Performance
• 19 millliard individual product operations per second

GPU - Cathexis/Hollywood
Specially designed Nintendo/ATi/Riken-graphics processor
1285 MHz processor
512 MB embedded GDDR5-memory (design state)

638 Trillion Triangles per second

64 gigasamples per second

192 milliard shader operations per second

768 MB PTRAM (pentapolar transistor RAM) by Riken
128 MB 1T-RAM by MoSys

58.4 GB/s memory by interface bus
768 GB/s memory-bandwidth by EDRAM
78.9 GB/s front-side-bus
Unified Memory Structure

Detachable and upgradable hybrid drive on 20 GB
24x Mental Ray Disc (Mental Images/Autodesk/Matsushita/Nintendo) 2 TB
1 GB Flash-memory for Virtual Console-games
Memory Card standard 64 MB

Support for up to 12 wireless Wiimotes per machine (can be linked for additional support)
Two USB 2.0-ports
Design-support for WUSB (Wireless USB v1.0)
Two Memory Card Ports

Optimized for Online
Direct, from the beginning access to Nintendo Déjà, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Intergrated Ethernet-port
Ready for Wi-Fi: 802.11a, 802.11b och 802.11g
Optimized for 4G

Support for MP3, DXF, DWG, DVD, HD-DVD (external support)

All games support 480p, 720p and 1080p (some games support 2160p), viewed in 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10, anti-aliasing (FSAA)
Support for Standard Resolution

Dolby Digital 5.1 - 7.1
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby TrueHD
64-bit audio process
Over 512 audio channels

Wii horizontal or vertical
Cooling via an air-Thermosiphon-process (soundless)
Weight: 1.95 kg
Color: Matte or Glossy Black

5:11 AM  
Blogger GWX said...

lol I got it from an anonymous poster at Falfelkids Blog...someone posted it under this tpoic:

5:12 AM  
Blogger GWX said...

... 722
Add that to the obove adress its cut cut off...

5:14 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

important news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for all who are thinking osoko is a faker, i have here some great news for you :

he is real.. and i can prove it :)

he has written some time ago about a capcon wii game, where are monster and you have a latern...

as we know, capcom has said at the last japan-conference, that monster hunter 3 is an exclusive wii game, no more for ps3!
thets the game osoko told us...

and a second point:
the demo-channel for wii with ds-connection.... osoko wrote it over a year ago.... do you remeber???

perhaps osokos timing is not the best, cause he always said, that nintendo will show the last secret(i-adapter) at e3 oder tgs.. and nothing happend... but thats cause nintendo is late with showing it....
but what i think is, when monster hunter will be revealed(at this moment we dont know when..) then the last secret have to shown at public, too.. cause osoko wrote that this game will use the new feature..
and i have some idea, what the last-secret could be:
look at:

1:48 PM  
Blogger _________________________________ said...

wow this blog is still here...

9:52 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

I have some news for you:

look at:

6:59 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

So was osoko right ???

he wrote in his last article, that unreal-engine 3 will come for wii.

and now, it is true!!!

so does that mean, that the other things, like his so called I-adapter, the last secret,which is thin, small, white and wireless and make fantastic environment, will become true, too ??

it would be great and a lot of people must then say: sorry osoko, you are n o t a fake !!!!!

this is for you osoko: please come back soon!! please write again and give us new hopes!!!!! :)

10:23 AM  
Blogger _________________________________ said...

going on one year that this fool hasn't updated us with more lies.

9:14 AM  

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