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Blogger Sebatians World said...

the show is just ended... and what should i say... mmmh, i have the feeling that couldn t be all.
cause its NOT a new console, its only an ADD-ON for WII, not a whole new console.
why they didn t make the new controller with 3d??? like the 3ds, but with bigger screen?
why didn t they show pikmen 3 they promised so long?
and, mr. tanaka... you always promised "a real touch" where you can feel hot or cold....
its NOT !!!!
its not bad, cause you can use it seperatly without tv, but the graphics are not so improved... only the sequence with the bird were fantastic....
so, what do yiu comment on this mr. tanaka?
will there come more, or its just all?
best regards

10:22 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

ok sorry, i didn t saw the main console so fast, from far away it looked like the wii 1, only laying....
but i hope that they will show soon more new titles like pikmen or mario..
the short showing of zelda was cool,
good graphics.. but not "wow"-graphics.. but its ok..

10:50 AM  

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