Tuesday, April 26, 2011

hey guys! Welcome Back 2 my blog

It's time to talk about W2, code-named "Project Cafe". Time to come back with all you, to speak about it.
It was a long time since I started to talk about Nintendo Revolution, 5 years ago, now I'm back.

You should wonder ... Why "Project Cafe"?
I really don't know why, I thought it would be a GAME (...), like they said at first time (...).
At least, I thought it will be the first game with this new function (...).
So I prefer to call this new system "W2".

Nintendo comes back with the most powerful system. It is required to let you in (..). Inside this new gaming experience, because this is not about hardware, this is about software, and it's its requirement.
Next time I'm gonna talk about hardware specs.

There will be a N3DS connection. 3DS will be an optionally part. You'll use it to stay even more inside in W2 Games. To see throught it like a Window. With a real 3D experience. Imagine you are driving, 3DS would be your rear-view mirror (...).

And What about Games?' See you soon!


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