Monday, September 06, 2010


Is not what you think



Blogger Sebatians World said...

hi osoko, nice that you are back.
after 2 years after all...

so NR means nintendorevolution
and 3 is a part of 3d, i think.
so when the 3ds is without glasses
then maybe will do it for wii or wii2,
too. that would be logical, cause
only to make it 3d ready for tv would not be something new, even
ps3 can do this.
but what i don t understand is, you always wrote, that an wii-adon is still coming...
but nintendo told us in the last interwiews that wii2 will have something new,incredible which will left our mouth open, but it will take time a few years..
so do we have be patient and wait soo long, or is really still an ad-on coming?
maybe an hologram or special screen
like on
please comment this, osoko!
thank you, still your fan sebastian :)

1:53 PM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

are you still alive?

happy new year, mr. tanaka.
and my wish 4 2011 is that you will
publish more here on your blog!!


2:27 PM  

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