Wednesday, October 08, 2008

they could say NO

they may say NO...

But they keep it in mind.


Blogger Sebatians World said...

look at great news:

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Blogger Sebatians World said...

i know the last secret for Wii!!!!!!!!!!
osoko wrote some time ago, that he is not directly working for nintendo, but for another company which produces screens.
i think it is sharp!!
why? cause osko always tried to tell us in mysterious ways, that there will come an adapter for wii shows new graphik-experiences.

i found an old article:

" our own Darren Gladstone discovers what may be a secret component of the system: a 3D display. The article reveals that Nintendo has been in discussions with Sharp to possibly use its 3D display technology in a future portable system.

so the future-system in 2004 was the revolution=WII

so, do you know what would be possible with such a screen for wii?
- you wont need a tv
- the objects of the game will be displayed in virtual space without need of wearing goggles!!!
- you can touch the objects directly and manipulate them with the wii-remote!!!!!! ( thats one reason, why nintendo calls it "touch-generations")
- probably nintendo will sell for it 3d-films (downloadable)

my guess is, that the wii will project image-signals (the blue light of the wii osoko always tried to focus!)
to the new 3d-screen!!

think about it :)

+ thx 2 osoko tanaka, who played a very intelligent game with us, he never lied!!!
he is one part of he N-game

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Blogger Sebatians World said...

something funny and strange:
New patent seen at google s patents:,M1

but what in hheaven is a

perhaps something for a star wars game??? like a light-saber??
or it will nothing have to do with WII..... we will see.....

and Mr. Tanaka, 3 month without post? please change this :)

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Blogger Sebatians World said...

for osoko tanaka an d all readers:

E3 is over now...

and what should i say? iam a little bit disapointed...
only mario galaxy2 and a new metroid.. both look very similar to their first title... ok, with ad-on motion plus and the pulse-toy, its a little bit better..


the i-adapter osoko always focused on in the past... was not there..
cause its a screen!! where you feel in the game!!
where was ist today.. the i-adapter??
so the question is:
is osoko a lier?
or... nintendo have it, but took too long time to show it.. cause their sold the wii too well in the past...
osoko, please comment it, cause you haven t written for a long time now here..
we want to have some answers!!!

10:24 AM  
Blogger _________________________________ said...

i wonder what will show up next in this blog...

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Blogger Sebatians World said...

hey.... osoko!

only a few days till TGS.. and no

sign from nintendo. MS and SONY will show their new controller, only NATAL ia diffrent from WII and will offer a new expiereince.
but will do NINTENDO ? They MUST show something... cause a new HALO will come... and where is the "Halo-killer, you wrote some years ago?
wada said yesterday, that WII 2 ( HD) will come 2011, but
nintendo siad some month ago, no new WII in a few years, it will be a longer cyclus fpr WII..
but, will there come a new WII-ADON?
an ADD-"ON" ( ON!! you know.. ;) )
that will function without TV like an seperat display??
and were are the games, that show nintendo every console like
and where are the secret projects promised for revolution like
FACTOR 5-project
is it an coincidence that there hasn t not shown yet??
or is there still a last secret for wii, that will handle all these games??
but when? osoko... when?
YOU know it... give usa hint
and people, don t forget all statements from nintendo years ago:
"you will say wow, when you see grafics" or
"ATI: It s only the top of the iceberg..." and many more...
perhaps we will soon have answers, nintendo didn t give us now for 3 years!!!

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's strange


5:38 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

the next zelda will be in 3d virtual space!

but look on the patent:

perhaps at the next E3 in 2010 nintendo will show us a new 3d- adon!

7:50 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

hi osoko :)



POWER-WII ( new patent)

the i-adapter??

and we will see it in june @ E3 ??

8:05 AM  
Blogger _________________________________ said...

3DS? insane...

11:34 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

yes, absoluty cool...
3DS !!!!

so... i think when the ds will get 3d update, then WII too.
so osoko would never had lied,
like i knew before.
but i think the wii will get 3d without glasses, too. not a visor !
osoko, when you have still any information for that, please write it here.. are you still alive??

12:54 PM  

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