Sunday, February 03, 2008

GPU's secret

coming soon.


Blogger Sebatians World said...

i hope so.... that it will come soon...

but what do you mean? the i-adapter, you talked over one year ago?

osoko wrote: " It is more than a touch-screen.... it is a real-touch" + "... you will recieve feelings...."

will it be a 3D-screen???
iam very anxious about this!!!

12:28 PM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

osoko.... do we will se the last secret on GDC or E3?

will we say wow and all ps3-fans would be jalous???

that would be great... cause they always say that wii-grafic is not good and for children..
and i hope we will see the new capcom-game( monster-hunter 3?? ) and square-enix ( kingdom-hart, FF oder something all new that handle the new i-adapter? )

12:08 PM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

reggie has talked this week:

nintendo will revail a game for the hard-core-gamer at E3 this jear, and this is comming at christmas.
so what will it be? and has it something to do with the I-adapter you talked before? will it be kid icarus or another new geame? and will we see the last hard-core-surprise at E3 this jear?
please answer, osoko
thank you :)

9:28 AM  
Blogger White Belt said...

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12:31 AM  
Blogger White Belt said...

The answer to all your questions: Project White Belt

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pues ya di que onda con el "gpu" secret.

tiene que ver con el motor que esta creando nibris??

6:50 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

so.... nintendo will be at the kodak-theater for the E3 again.... like in 2006...
so will we see big things of nintendo again?

and one question again to you, osoko:

will there be shown your so called I-ADAPTER???? has it to do with the real-next-gen-grafics???
please answer us nintendo hard-core-fans..... please post again!!!!

8:27 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

so.... only 11 days to E3!
but what will we see? will our hopes come true, that nintendo has not forgotten the hard-core-gamers heart?
will they show a new zelda or even kid icarus? and will the grafics be shown better this time, perhaps in a new way?
osoko, come on.... please one last article from you :)))

11:44 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

what a shame of nintendo!!! really!! iam very disapointed!! where is the game, tha hard-core-gamer will want???? nintendo said before?? only wii musik and sports were shown at e3, thats n o t !!! for hard-core gamers!!!! ists for casual! nintendo is so arrogant in my eyes, cause they did in the past the money with the casual, so nintendo forces them! and not the hard-core! where is a new shooter-game? or kid icarus or anew zelda??? or the game you promides called darkness???? osoko.... please answer this time!! a lot of peopple trust you.. and where is the i-adapter and where are the grafics, we will say wow like nintendo said in the past and you too?????
answer our hard-core-fans-questions, cause our heart is bleeding after such a disapointing event!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sebatian, osoko has no answers. He never did. This blog should have died long ago when the revolution hype did. There is no GPU secret. There is no hardcore game. There is NOTHING coming. Face reality, Nintendo has changed. There are making piles of money off the casual market, they don't need us anymore. It's sad, but it's true.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

to kingwolfos and osoko tanaka

it would be better, when we will think what you said(kingw.), cause then, we won t be diapointed again.
but iam so angry cause my feelings are, that they have something big.. and they decided to wait with showing it, they said that there will be a big game for the hard-core-gamers... and sorry, it is n o t animal crossing!!!
i have 2 theories of nintendos strategy:
the first one:
they overhyped the wii and told a lot of lies, lieke: "you will say wow., when you see grafics.." or the last one with the big game...
and also ATI lied with the sentence: " what you have seen was just the tip of the iceberg...)
the 2. one is:
they didn t lie....but they have a long-time-strategy for wii:
nintendo said, theat wii will survive longer than the normal 4 years.. so i think that we are in the middle of the N-game... the N-game is now and will be the next years, they will unviel all ad-ons step by step....and the grafic will be better with time(perhaps in the end of 2009).
for me there are too many things which makes us wonder:
why took they 5!! years for the hollywood-chip, when ist is only a little bit better than game-cube?
why is the name hollywood and broadway?
why didnt nintendo say before, for what the letter WII stands for?
( DS = dual-screnn WII = ?? perhaps wireless immersion interface??? )
why was there so many rumors till now that nintendo is developing 3d projection??
perhaps they will unviel it step by step.. and the wii will have an 3d-ad on and the wii s time will not 4 years, it will 8, when my 2. theory is right....
i know, its wishfull thinking.. but isnt it good just to dream a little bit? :)
and iam waiting for a statement from osoko!!! when this blog is not dead, then please come on and show us this!!!

8:40 AM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

so..... osoko was right in his article, with the problem of the hard-disc-drive, telling us that nintendo will use an 32 gb sd-card,
cause 2 weeks ago i read an article that sundisk will release a32gb-sd-card... so osoko was rigt and that not only for the first time :)
he... or her is telling us the truth... only one thing is not yet here:
the i-adapter for the unbelievable environment....but at oktober the 2. nintendo will show us new surprises.. they make the event in japan and us.... so ist must be important things!
osoko, can you give us a hint?

6:41 AM  

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