Thursday, April 28, 2011

W2 is... Power

Hello guys,


April 22. I spoke about nEw Era has bEgun. (Ex3) Do you understand what i'm trying to tell u?
April 25. “Wii 2″ announcement would indeed be coming at E3. Nintendo confirms it. got it?

W2 capabilities are higher than Xbox360 and PS3. But this is normal. A long time has passed since it was shipped.

Nintendo wants to make a new stage. To win this battle. Nintendo wants you all. Because with Wii, only casual players were welcome. Nintendo players were betrayed, were left behind.

But now is different. The Big N returns, The Big N wants you to know you gonna be impressive.

This time, i'm not in. I'm not involved in it. But i have a lot of contacts, friends, and I keep in touch with them. And I know that this time will be different. Nintendo is talking with a lot of THIRD PARTIES. Nintendo wanna make good things. Wanna get you all. Nintendo is increasing its efforts.

Why POWER? Just because this is a requirement , third parties claim power. And this requirement will be satisfied.

GPU Specs... computer power comes with 2 TFLOPS, how do you feel? Do you know what does it mean? (...). 512MB GDDR5 Frame Buffer... amazing, doesn't it? Clock core speed over 880 Mhz... couldn't say more... couldn't reveal more at the moment... Coming soon...


Blogger Nyatsu said...

Saw Nintendo's Presentation at E3 today via stream. The WiiU looks amazing! And I'm so glad that there are more 3DS games coming out, even if I currently have no money.

10:38 AM  

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