Friday, September 16, 2005


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Blogger Zounds said...

You said it yourself, osoko. There truely are no words for this sight.
Nintendo, you were correct. I did say "wow".
I have never doubted you Osoko, thank you for keeping your blog open, and to keep delivering us the messages, even when most of use did not believe.
Believing is the only option now.

7:56 PM  
Blogger K-XIII said...

Nintendo Rules 4ever,... thx dude for your blogs,... now when revo game pics? lol

8:20 PM  
Blogger Red Bull and Vodka said...

You never doubted what? He didn't say anything about anything...He just kept on writing horsecrap english about how great it would be. That's it. That's all he did.

No leak, no revalation, no pictures, no descriptions. None what-so-ever in the months he's been running this hoax.

In fact the only picture he put up came from another website, 1 minute after the Ninetndo embargo was lifted on the media. So he pops over to 1up's webpage (Japanese guy goes to an American produced webpage. Maybe he's not so Japanese after all...) and copies the image from there.

Weak, weak effort. Would explain why the number of comments on your posts have rapidly declined over the last few weeks. In fact why am I here...?

8:26 PM  
Blogger christian maurice said...

And Developpers like it.

Some developpers from EA, Ubisoft, Activation, THQ have interviewed by IGN. All liked it.

8:29 PM  
Blogger Chrise said...

Osoko you all of Bullskit

You talked many times about teh GPU and the CPU from IBM at the 16th, then weres the information?

All you where writing was

''Revolution is coming 16 18 19'' and that crap comon

8:34 PM  
Blogger R said...

He could be right still, Nintendo may in fact show some stuff on the 17th and 18th.

9:39 PM  
Blogger revgamer said...

Osoko Rules!

I always knew he was telling the truth.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Toad said...

Osoko, are you in holydays today ?

If you are not in holidays, why aren't you working à 11h A.M ?

11:30 PM  
Blogger Master Bratak said...

I'm very exited about this new interface!

But will they show anymore at TGS?

Like eventual specs?? You said they had finalised the chips??

I love this blog!

11:36 PM  
Blogger K-XIII said...

his taking a break,... is not a slave u know? lol,... but When Nintendo show the Revo games,... when when when lol,...

12:00 AM  
Blogger Grandmaster B said...

Why are u guys so gullable?

The guy doesnt know anything. Info of people who were in the know had already stated what was to be shown elsewhere. This hoax here knows nothing and hasnt even said anything that has happened.

When will u guys wake up?

1:45 AM  
Blogger khoarupt said...

holy shit - thats why i luv nintendo
viva la revolution

but....theres always a but or there are always sum buttheads who are saying

- no, i want to play the old way
- no, i want a revolution, but thats way to revolutionary
- no, i want the f+++ing same controller with on more button
- no, i want hdtv, mp3, harddrive, webbrowser and wait....yeah and sometimes i want to play

2:10 AM  
Blogger Chrise said...

Nintendo is out of Tokyo Game show. They only had this one conferens and thats it. No games or anything specs will be shown. Who says wo? well, Jim Merrick, Nintendo Europe's senior director of marketing says so.


Jim Merrick: We went to great pains not to show the software today because we didn't want to detract from what we are trying to show. We're talking about a fundamental change to how we see games and how we play games, and we didn't want to get hung up on polygon counts and so on.

Our official launch date is still 2006, and before we show the software, we want to make sure it's at a stage where you can understand exactly how it's going to work with the freehand-style controller - by actually playing the games.

Eurogamer: So when will we get to play them, exactly?

Jim Merrick: Put it this way. Without making a commitment, if I went to E3 2006 and didn't end up playing the Revolution, I'd be very disappointed...
Zoom in'Jim Merrick Takes Control' Screenshot tele.

E3 2006

And TANAKA iS FEJK , so the days would be 16 18 and 19? yeah my ass

8:11 AM  
Blogger tgs4ever said...

Osoko Tanaka also said Kojima will be there, and that's right.

I'm not disappointed now. I've prefered see the controller before games. And now, I can wait until E3 2006.

9:31 AM  
Blogger MR.Nintendo said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:52 AM  
Blogger MR.Nintendo said...

Tanaka-sama and everyone,

No matter what the case is, we haven't known anything about the hardware specifications or the system's final name yet. Also, what about some reliable and clear screenshots of the games?

I hope Nintendo will reveal the tech spec officially soon. Or we may see some software line-up lists.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Chrise said...

Ohh pls, even i knew that kojima would be there, not wounder , many major japanish developer was there o,0. sad it way to long wich developer should show up with a list.

9:55 AM  
Blogger huangsho said...

you're the man!!!

10:19 AM  
Blogger Zounds said...

He said it was in two pieces before they showed it... and he said the it would be shown. He was right on both accounts.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Ned said...

^^^ 1. The controller is in one piece, not two. The second part is an add on. You're stretching the truth.

2. So he said the controller would be released. Well, whoop dee doo! So did IGN, gamespot and just about everyone else. It's nothing spectacular to make guesses about controller revealences.

I believe in Nintendo... but this blog died a long time ago. Sorry, Osoko. It's been fun.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Thrakkerzog said...

He said it would be two 30 minutes before the press embargo was lifted, not 30 minutes before it was shown.

1:39 PM  
Blogger superfx said...

Nintendo have proved the Rev is the only serious choice for the hardcore gamer. I wouldn't want all the Sony Fanboys to u-turn now and say they like it after all, they can keep their batarang/bananaman controller!

2:18 PM  
Blogger tgs4ever said...

Osoko said "2" 30 minutes before Nintendo's conference. So he knew it. I think so.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Red Bull and Vodka said...

The guy is as big a fraud as all the others. No-one knew anything. Not a soul. Show me the website that had any of this even close. Everyone was talking about gyroscopes, heat sensors, 3D headsets, pulse monitors, touch screens, levitation....

You'd think he'd be here now to tell us all how great he is. You'd think there would be phrases like 'I told you so' and 'see how I got it right' all over the website...But no. Not a word. I seriously doubt he's that humble.

Actually, he's probably on vacation with his parents...

2:22 PM  
Blogger Zounds said...

There are still more claims by him the we have yet to see. He claimed that the Revolution will be more powerful than the Cboc 630, and we have yet to see system specs on the REV or demo videos and such.
And If he is telling the truth, I am very curious about what he said about making amazing 3D models with few polygons... Is he speaking of NURBS, perhaps?

Whatever the case, we shal have to wait and see. The controller may have been revealed, but we have yet to see system specs and finalized version of the system and controller, not mention the final name.
Whether he will keep posting in that time, I do not know. But I will wait and see.

Speculation continues...

7:53 PM  
Blogger Forz said...

He said there'd be two piece to the controller, he was right, wasn't he? He should start updating this place more now there is less news to look forward to, but he probably won't, oh well.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Grandmaster B said...

Are you are so dumb Zounds? Wake up all of u.

This is so f'n pathetic.

On a last note, do u really think a japanese developer would be breaking NDA's and speaking in a blog here? What would he also gain?

And apart from that a majority of the japanese do not speak english. Not to say that a lot dont, but it also lessens the chance.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Zounds said...

Whats the harm in believing? There is no harm. So stop being a killjoy.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Grandmaster B said...

Stop being a dimwit and look at the facts he has given us nothing cause u look like a fool.

I'm sorry to tell u that but really wake up to yourself and stop wasting your time here.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Red Bull and Vodka said...

He didn't say 2 pieces with regard to the controller. He put a '2' in his post and you think the guy is God? It could have been two batteries, two triggers, two touch screens, two mics, two analogue sticks, two gyroscopes, two trackballs, two deathrays or two sheep for all we know.

His post with photos came up after all the other websites (1up, ign, gamespot) and he originally used the photos from the '1up' webpage. He had no material of his own, no immediate explanation of how it works, no examples of it's gameplay funcitonality. Every other half decent website did all this within a few minutes. Two days later - not a word from him.

What other predictions are you talking about? He hasn't made ANY!!! It's all cryptic horsecrap.

He's still on vacation with him mummy and daddy eating ice-cream with Mickey Mouse. This guys is about as old as the turd I left behind this morning following my coffee and is trying to pull the wool (from those two sheep) over your eyes.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Chrise said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Zounds said...

Calm down there sparky, it isn't the end of the world.



I'm not as interested in proving him as much as you seem to be interested in disproving him. It is something fun to do, to speculate.
Things like this give us ideas so we can use our imagination and think of the posibilites, of what could be..

It isn't like the guy is SG007.

So if you don't have anything nice to say, or have any interest in adding to intelligent discussion, I sugguest you not talk at all.

So just sit back, relax, and enjoy.. or not. The descision is yours.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Chrise said...

You have a point, sry ;)

12:10 AM  
Blogger Thunder Emperor said...

Osaka, 17 and 18 have pasted, nothing else . what doyou have to say about that.

12:34 AM  
Blogger Chrise said...

What is the meanning?
Today...IBM...has finalized Broadway Project...

You will see all specs, all...

Revolution is here, Revolution is coming...Is ready.

yahhh ..where?

12:38 AM  
Blogger R said...

It's interesting to note how Osoko sounds about the controller, not really excited. He seems calm, too calm. As if something more was coming, did he ever say that 16 17 18 are in September? Could it be November? Think about it, a spaceworld a few days before the 360 launches that would fully reveal the Revolution, Jim Merrick said at the TGS they only showed a part of what makes it revolutionary, and people have been noting some things. First of all, the controller and system were white, which we had not seen before, the power button was also the only red thing on the console. Power buttons are used to turn consoles ON, and the Nintendo ON was white with the word "ON" being red...

2:41 AM  
Blogger Red Bull and Vodka said...

Zounds - Free speech buddy. That's the idea in the US of A, right? Though looking at your picture, I think I may have a better chance of finding you in an insurgency camp in Iraq, not in the ‘Pacific Wonderland’...

Let me remind you, the idea of Osoko's blog is not to dream and wonder as to what might be possible. The idea of his blog is to tell us that he knows what is going on and that he is going to tell us what it is. All his posts have a more to be revealed soon feel to them. I personally don't believe he has done that to this point.

Get with the idea of a blog. It's inherently opinionated. Thus, you can say what you want and those who don't agree can do the same, or simply deal with it. If you've got a problem with me expressing my opinion, then find another forum to 'dictate' to people on. I don't believe my posts have told you what to do or what to believe. I have only asked for proof and poured salt on the evidence presented thus far, so I'm not sure where you get off telling me to not post unless I have something nice to say.

I am simply opting to disprove this guy's premise. When I first found his blog I was interested and hopeful there was some substance to that which he said. However, over time I began to realize that he has no merit, no back-up and no substance behind his claims.

I guess your first post on this board isn't quite 100%.

"Believing in the only option now."

Yeah - 'bout that. Gonna have to take a rain check on that one.

I chose not to get on the Osoko bus. Maybe he's legit and I'm the misguided one, then again maybe not. As soon as he provides something that is more than a cryptic message, then perhaps I'll jump on board, but until then I remain a skeptic.

By the way - The Raiders have had a good start to the year @ 2-0. Maybe that's what Osoko was referring to with his magical digit reference?

Just my humble opinion, you understand...

9:45 AM  
Blogger Zounds said...


12:04 PM  
Blogger tgs4ever said...

I think I know why Osoko spoke about "Halo Killer" Satoru Iwata said controller of revolution will be perfect to play with shooters.

1:29 PM  
Blogger StuartV said...

Okay, Okay. You people are pretty stupid. [The ones who think Osako is a fake. I personally beleive he is real.] When all of you made these speculations and saying that he is fake because nothing happened on the 17th or 18th, you must realise that he was giving us a hint. None of us would figure it out if he said, 16. When he said all three numbers, and people made the connection that the entire convention was all three days, we figure dout that nintendo would reveal the controller. He never said Nintendo was gonna do anything on the other days. Jesus, you people made me get an acount because you're so stupid.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Forz said...

Ok this is what's gonna happen:

Nintendo are breaking up their announcements. TGS was the controller and this october will be Nintendo Wi fi Connection. In early November more details about attachments to the controller will be revealed and before November 22:


Why before the 22nd? Hello Xbox 360..?

It is here Nintendo will announce a whole heap of information that takes us by suprise. For example we'll finally see the smaller Revolution console, right now it's still a prototype. The graphics capabilitie(s) will be explained, they are doing something different there... And yes, there is going to be a Visor made for the system, it's not Nintendo On, but it will look very similar, and will be suitable for games like Metroid Prime 3.

Beyond that horizon at E3 2006, Revulution will be playable, fully playable with the upcoming games like mario and metroid etc. Although there may be some hands on impressions offered to some journalists at Spaceworld.

So there you have it, that's what's gonna happen and Osoko knows it too ;)

5:17 PM  
Blogger K-XIII said...

I dont care he is real or not (i beleive its not a real ex-nintendo members) but im here to read what all of you have write about Revo, and now all is known about the revolution controller, the next step is trying to guess what is the Revo spec and what is the features Iwata did not show about the controller or the systeme itself.

6:08 PM  
Blogger K-XIII said...

Maybe Osoko works on videogames industry(not for nintendo but for another company) or is a journalist for videogames web site or is just a real fan searching many hours on the net for the news about Revo(like me lol). But is not a reason to write shit on him ;).

6:14 PM  
Blogger Grandmaster B said...

Red Bull & Vodka thats the only intelligent comment in this entire blog.

Exactly what he has said that until he has provided any factual things that will happen that arent totally obvious why is there a reason to believe he is legit?

As for Forz I was also thinking that a visor might be possible still. The only thing I am not sure on is that the sample games were played on normal screens and that the promo video for the controller doesnt dictate anything of that nature. That of course doesnt justify that there is no visor but it would of taken quite an effort for that promo.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Zounds said...

Save the visors for later. The industry and its comunity of gamers are not ready for that technology yet.

11:36 AM  
Blogger FelixRPG said...

At least Osoko is more real than that fag named Seriousgamer007.

1:22 PM  
Blogger tgs4ever said...


Michel Ancel
Game Designer, Ubisoft
Creator of Rayman, BG&E and King Kong

I feel just like a child with a new toy, opening millions of new doors of possibilities. More than an improvement, this way of playing is creating a new dimension. It’s simple, when Nintendo unveils its hardware, every member of the team starts imagining crazy ideas. It’s opening their minds. The fact of adding 3D gestures as the way of communicating with the game is just the perfect kind of innovation that can bring new games to new gamers. To me, it can bring the consoles what the mouse brought to the PC at it time. It’s a 3D pointer with rotation information! Now, you're going to handle virtual objects, make recognition signs. It’s closer to the way we act in real world, that’s why it’s going to be mass market. I’m sure that people will go crazy given the ability to interact so easily with virtual worlds. I’m just mad about it!

Lorne Lanning
President/Creative Director, Oddworld Inhabitants

An interesting innovation for the “small handed” segment of the market. Hopefully a larger version will be available for the larger hand endowed audience that is likely to be more carpal tunnel prone.

Chris Cross
Game Design Director, EA LA

Personally I’m excited about the new controller. It seems like it will be intuitive for most and a very cool alternative to the “standard” control paradigm. If we assume game design starts with the interface, try to imagine what new genres might pop up. I can’t wait to get one in my hands and try it out. Realistically for the first couple years most developers will be adapting their old games to fit this interface with only a couple really taking advantage of it. Give it a couple game cycles and we should see some interesting stuff at E3 '07. I haven’t been this excited since Sony put a second stick on their controller.

Cary Brisebois
Technical Director, Radical Entertainment

The Wavebird was second only to the Sony controller…

I think that it is going to start getting really hard to make games that rely on the old standard configuration of face buttons fit with this model. It was tricky enough with the one fewer button on the Gamecube controller. Cross platform games may not be the model for Revolution.

As Napoleon would say: “Yikes.”

Chris Mitchell
Game Designer, Radical Entertainment

A lot of incredibly addictive arcade games can be moved into the living room now. Go to any Japanese arcade and you'll see people playing fishing games, dog walking games etc, and they're fun largely because of the interface. Traditionally those sorts of games have not translated well on consoles but now there's a whole body of existing and proven casual genre games that can be done by us.

Des Hinkson
Senior Designer, Radical Entertainment

Revolution controller = casual gamer paradise.

A lot of people are really intimidated by buttons. Console controllers are scary things that make you look dumb if you don't know which button to press. I remember my frustration at switching from Nintendo to Sony and having to look for the Triangle button, Circle button, etc in Parappa the Rapper and it took time and dedication to feel comfortable with the controller. My wife is not a gamer, heck she doesn't even use the TV remote proficiently, preferring to use the numbers instead of the channel up and down keys. I think Nintendo have been watching the people who put down the controller too quickly and the people who play with their tongues out and tilt their controllers to get that extra bit of corning control. Revolution means people can have fun more immediately and we can hook them on that fun without the time and dedication needed to learn how to use a traditional controller.

Cliff Bleszinski
Lead Designer, Epic Games

It seems as if I Nintendo has found a modular way that they can take the best of the location-based entertainment/arcade experience and bring it home to the user. So all of those games you loved physically interacting with in the arcade – the drum game, the fishing one the, uh, poke your friend in the eye one….can really come to life in the living room. I haven’t been able to hold or use it yet so I’ll refrain from any further judgment until I get hands on as that’s what really, truly matters – feel!

David Perry
President, Shiny Entertainment

I've been fielding interview questions on this new Nintendo controller for a while now, and besides the obvious stuff, I've been personally hoping for Nintendo to offer custom game interfaces.

Meaning when a developer designs a game, they can very easily design their own interface at the same time. Their interface component would then (at a very low cost) be included in every game box. (Imagine a small "interface' block that clips in the front of a normal controller.)

The main controller (not looking like a remote control) would be designed so you simply plug in the component that came with the game.

Nintendo talked about controllers having too many buttons and turning off non-gamers.

Fair point, but if they honestly have a problem with too many buttons, then this solves that too. For example, on the faceplate that comes with a simple game, they could actually get rid of all unused buttons by not replicating them. If however I want a more complicated game with 10 buttons and a throttle slider on the faceplate for a Mech game, no problem.

This solution covers many needs.

The faceplate can also contain artwork (for that game) and tips, like "FIRE" written under the fire button. Trust me, that will help newbie gamers!

Can you imagine how excited, and then let down I felt when I found out Nintendo nearly delivered this!

I feel a lot of innovation in the original arcade games was increased by the freedom of designers to create new interfaces for their game at the same time. Think Pacman vs. Tempest vs. Missile Command vs. Star Wars vs. Lunar Lander. All radically different but the interface definitely added to the fun.

After toying around with this Revolution remote control, and after fighting my grandparents off it, my prediction is that people will be looking to buy a "normal" controller to plug in.

So thanks Nintendo for trying. I actually respect the effort a lot!

People that know me, know I love big thinking and I LOVE innovation, but I still dream of the day when hardware manufactures stop trying to surprise game developers and actually invite a group of them to brainstorm on the hardware.

It would be a great marketing scoop for them (being designed by the top ten game designers in the world), but it would also deliver a bloody cool console / controller.

Oh well, just five more years and we can try again.

Tommy Tallarico
President, Tommy Tallarico Studios
Executive Producer/CEO, Video Games Live

Nintendo has always prided itself on innovation and this controller is no exception. I think this move by Nintendo will secure them the uniqueness they seek. The only way that a new console will succeed is if they have third party publisher support. My only concern is that developers and publishers may have a difficult time in developing software for a single platform (which this controller ultimately forces them to do). Many publishers rely on multiple platform products in order to make the next gen console leap. It will be interesting to see how much support the Revolution gets compared to the PS3, 360, PC and let's not forget the current systems which will still have at least two years of life left in them.

Chris Melissinos
Chief Gaming Officer, Sun Microsystems

This is why I love Nintendo. Just when people think that innovation is dead and game design/implementation is becoming a barren wasteland, the House of Mario does something so off the wall that people stand up and take notice. What other game hardware company would have the guts to release a controller that looks like a TV remote? No one but Nintendo.

Not only do I believe that the controller will help usher in a new generation of game design, I think the Revolution has a better chance of succeeding than most analysts and critics believe. The combination of their "motion centric" controller, deep catalog of content spanning 20+ years and kick ass next generation games, puts Nintendo is in the best position to broaden the market and bring those gamers, who stopped playing, back to the television with their family in tow. I want to thank Nintendo for not maintaining the status quo, for constantly pushing the industry to rethink how games can be implemented and, most importantly, for reminding us that how we play is just as important as what we play.

Matt Casamassina
Editor, IGN Gamecube

I'm very pleasantly surprised -- thrilled, even -- with Nintendo's Revolution controller. Like so many others, I was skeptical. I figured the Big N would deliver gamers a modified Wave Bird with tilt-sensory functionality and perhaps little more. But what we got instead is a device that more or less abandons the traditional control fundamentals that Nintendo itself helped pioneer. I mean, the Revolution's input mechanism has the potential to reinvent the way we all play videogames and if Nintendo executes on the unit's potential, it could bring about the most intuitively manipulated videogames to date. These are the types of innovations that in my mind are worthy of the console's codename.

What also makes the Revolution controller unique is that it does not come with limitations. Just because it enables a new type of 3D motion interactivity does not mean that it sacrifices traditional controls. Gamers looking for more conventional controls will be able to insert the Revolution pointer into a Wave Bird-like shell, in which case a more familiar layout becomes available. Better yet, the pointer's motion sensory functionality remains active.

With the DS, I think Nintendo dipped its toe into the future of gaming. With Revolution, it's finally plunged headfirst into the waters. If the Revolution controller is ultimately as intuitively used as it looks to be, Nintendo may finally prove to consumers that the definition of next-generation games needn't be limited to prettier graphics alone.

Demian Linn
Reviews Editor, Electronic Gaming Monthly

It's a risk, but it's a smart risk. If Revolution launched with just a conventional controller, it'd offer competitive graphics and Nintendo first-party games—in other words, it'd be in about the same position GameCube was in this generation. But now, Revolution may appeal to more casual or even non-gamers, along with core gamers who are looking for a genuinely new gameplay experience. If Nintendo can really bring a large chunk of non-gamers into the fold, it would be huge—but that’s a big question mark.

Nintendo has always excelled at making its games just feel right from a control perspective, and I’m sure its first-party games are going to do some amazing things with the new controller. Not so sure about third-party publishers. The DS has attracted some good third-party exclusives, but Revolution titles will require a much bigger investment. I hear Nintendo will also offer a "sleeve" that you can slip the main controller into, which will allow for a more traditional button layout; that is absolutely necessary, and it better come in the box. I’m all for innovation, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, throw the baby out with the bathwater, or...well, I can’t think of another cliché that works here. Revolution owners are going to love their gyroscopic rhythm-action-fishing games or whatever, but that doesn’t mean they won’t want to play Splinter Cell again.

Dave Halverson
Editor-in-Chief, Play Magazine

This is the sort of window for innovation that could start a micro-industry all its own. In a market place so dictated by big brands and stodgy retailers that great games tank miserably on a regular basis, a true alternative that focuses on great gameplay over great hype is exactly what we need. That said let’s hope 3rd parties don’t take the low road and squander the opportunity. In any case this puts Nintendo in a class of its own operating outside the well beaten path of Sony and Microsoft. This controller together with an affordable price will surely start a revolution.

Tom Russo
Director of Games Editorial, G4 Media

If the motion-sensing functionality is as robust as Nintendo’s promotional video leads us to believe, this controller may become the pivot-point that swings gaming back into the collective conscience of the nation. Why is “Pac-Man” the first game that comes to mind to so many casual gamers? It might have something to do with the fact that in 1980, a simple, single stick was all that was needed to give a wide audience of players a unique, cutting-edge, gameplay experience. Adding more buttons, triggers, and analog sticks to our controllers over time has created barriers of entry to the market, and has divided the casual players from the enthusiasts. In making this motion-sensing functionality a stock system feature, the company has challenged the industry, perhaps for the first time since the rise of Street Fighter II, to think outside a six-button configuration. Nintendo deserves commendation for its bold “less is more” approach, and may ultimately get the credit for righting the evolutionary path of interface design in interactive entertainment. My personal congratulations to Mr. Iwata and his team -- now please, show us the damn games already.

David S J Hodgson
Freelancer (formerly of EMAP UK, Gamefan, Gamers Republic and incite)
Personally, I’m pleasantly surprised, and was enticed by the promotional video. But I’m great at forming opinions based on news I skim through and forum posts I chortle at. Later I find the information out to be at the very least “quite inaccurate”, and at the very most “wildly inaccurate and possibly libelous”. So I’ll hold off until I’ve juggled one of these in my own, slightly sweaty hands.

Until then, I shall plug in a Sega fishing controller into my Dreamcast, and play Soul Calibur with it… this is the best way to experience an approximate aspect of the Revolution controller’s functionality outside of Nintendo’s inner sanctum.

David Cole
President, DFC Intelligence

Despite its reputation for being old school, Nintendo has quietly been one of the most innovative major game companies in recent years. The new Revolution controller definitely fits the innovative bill. My 13-year old son really got his interest aroused, he said “this is crazy, they are using a remote control to play games.” We will have to reserve full judgment until it is tested with actual games. However, the concern with something new like this is that it will appeal mainly to an enthusiast crowd and alienate the mass market who can be very reluctant to change their comfortable game playing habits.

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Blogger FelixRPG said...

where did you get that info, tgs4?

1:27 PM  
Blogger tgs4ever said...


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Blogger FelixRPG said...


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Blogger Red Bull and Vodka said...

Thanks Grandmaster. Nice to know that not everyone hates me....

3:08 PM  
Blogger Aznsilvrboy said...

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5:41 PM  
Blogger Aznsilvrboy said...

Wtf...people are still so stupid around here? For the non-believers, just leave...why are YOU wasting your time here? Or are just just trying to be nice and save all of us from wasting our time on his blog??? Now leave.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Grandmaster B said...

Aznsilvrboy hows get fucked sound?

As for zounds I didnt know you could make that decision for the entire world. Leave it to the marketing companies.

We dont know what the visor (if it existed) would do.

My theory is it probably doesnt exist but its possible as some things suggest it may be infact.

1:16 AM  
Blogger tgs4ever said...


Interview with Martin Hollis (Chief Director of Guts N’ Glory)
By Bryan “hardcore pawn” Williams | 10/14/05

GameSpy was given the privilege of being able to have a sit down interview with Martin Hollis acclaimed director of GoldenEye007 and Perfect Dark. Martin Hollis was the Chief Director of Perfect Dark Zero at Rareware. He has since left Rareware and started his own studio Zoonami. He shares his views on the industry, alliances, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and on his upcoming game entitled “Guts N’ Glory”.

GameSpy: Before we go any further can you tell us when we might get some more info on Guts N’ Glory or see a screenshot or trailer?
Martin Hollis: We will be revealing the first public showing of a trailer and more insight into the gameplay and scenarios at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006. We think people will be very surprised at the level of realism and attention to our own reality socially and physically that went into this game.

GamSpy: What made you want to do another FPS seeing that the industry is seemingly crowded with a few good ones and many mediocre ones?

Martin Hollis: Well…I always wanted to make a game that was very gritty and politically aware. Something that reflects the state of the times we live in and how

other countries perceive and react to the world and its problems. But I think the main reason for a FPS would be that they have all within the past 5-8 years with the small exception of (Metroid Prime) have all really done the same thing in different ways over and over. You know…same view, better graphics, more (different) weapons, and more vehicles. But with Guts N’ Glory we really wanted the story and conflict of idealistic National policy interlaced with the gameplay to really be the heart of the game. I also think it is essential that people understand that this will not be a “quote unquote” FPS. It will have 3rd person perspective and even what we call 2nd person perspective…like in Resident Evil 4. So it will encompass many ways of viewing the world and camera styles.

GameSpy: Since we are on the subject of FPS could you give some insight into another game that is buzzing right now called Gears of War?

Martin Hollis: My thoughts on Gears of War from a developing perspective is that is a combination wager approach. Basically they took a lot of popular styles like RE4, Kill.Switch, and a few others. It could be great but I see it right now after playing the demo that it is a high-quality shooter…not a great shooter. The fact that God of War really copied off the context-sensitive cut scenes from RE4 really lessened my love and spirits for the game. I know for a fact that Santa Monica studios after seeing Resident Evil 4 really only started to include those little touches. But after playing Capcom’s masterpiece I really didn’t think that God of War captured the same grandiose intense experience that RE4 did. God of War definitely would not have been anywhere near as good without the taking interactive cut scenes from RE4. The same I think will hold true with Gears of War as they have already stated that they intend to use the “water-cooler” moments in the game as in RE4. But I think to truly capture a “water-cooler” moment in their own game they really need to take an original approach. Instead of combining existing styles and slapping a new coat of graphics on it and proclaiming it next-generation material. If you are not prepared to go that extra mile to do something original and new then your really missing your opportunity to make a true next generation game.

GameSpy: Can you tell us anymore about Vigo Segorfsky?

Martin Hollis: Well, we really only wanted to reveal what we have already revealed in the press release. But I can say that just like in life your emotions and baggage will reflect the way you react to the world. Mr. Segorfsky is a very brutal ruthless tough assassin, but he also has reasons and principles for what he does that may not coincide with American policy. He also has troubles with his past and with his relationships with others and his family. So we really wanted to make people empathize and understand his violence but also his depression and his troubles.

GameSpy: Why did you want to go so far to make a game that you say is “politically aware”?

Martin Hollis: That’s actually a great question because not many people really pick that up. I really started to catch on that politicians are really trying to hold video games to a higher standard than films or music after the whole debacle about Mortal Kombat and now GTA. And I think the only way to really gain a mainstream respect in this industry is to pro-legislate our freedom on parody or sex or violence in an intelligent way. Our game is politically aware in the sense that it is told through the eyes of someone not from America or Europe or Japan who does not see all these economic problems we all have through rose-colored glasses or embrace a cultural bias to any of those countries. So even if its extremely controversial in realism and in context I really cannot allow my team to dilute our vision just to dodge an AO rating.
GameSpy: So you are saying that your game may possibly get an AO rating or am I misunderstanding you?

Martin Hollis: I look at it this way, the only reason a developer or publisher would want to dodge a AO rating is to widen the consumer base which brings in more money. But I think this way…in this business your one of two things. Either you’re an artist or you’re a business man. An artist will always do want appeals to them and their team regardless of cultural standards or political backfire or if its going to sell a million copies. But a business man will try to get as many consumers to buy that product so they will make more profit. I am an artist so no the adult only rating doesn’t really bother me.

GameSpy: So again…will your game get an Adult Only rating?

Martin Hollis: Probably not in Japan, but in other territories it’s a strong possibility.

GameSpy: In the few past interviews that you have done you spoke very boldly about graphical realism to not be the only flag we reach for in terms of game development. Has this changed or do you have the same views now as you did at Rareware?

Martin Hollis: No I definitely don’t think this has changed in the least. I really wanted at least for this title for the graphics to be 100% photo realistic with completely realistic physics…no exaggerations. But in the end you know I really hope that once we attain that much wanted level of realism we can then break it down and really start to be creative without always trying to be the first developer to reach 100% photo realism.

GameSpy: Do you think that Guts N’ Glory has achieved this goal and do you think you are the first to do it and reach this level?

Martin Hollis: That’s really hard to say because I haven’t seen every single developers titles to judge that. But I can say that EA’s Fight Night Round 3 is about a half generation behind our title in terms of strictly physical realism.

GameSpy: That’s a pretty bold statement. Do you think the finished product will support that statement?

Martin Hollis: Oh, most definitely even more so in the finished version. Which we are hoping to release in January 2007. Given the technical abilities of the Nintendo console which I will not go into at this time are more than capable of achieving this.

GameSpy: Everyone is drooling after speculation and rumor after rumor about the Revolution. But now that we know about the controller can you clarify what some of its other controller features are or on any technical aspects of the system, or at the very least can you squash any rumors.

Martin Hollis: Right now I cannot comment on anything about Nintendo’s next home console or its controller features that haven‘t been announced yet. I am bound by NDA as are a lot of others but I will say this. If Sony and Microsoft both want to stay in this race they really need to differentiate themselves from one another or eventually one of them is bound to go away. As for the controller features that Nintendo has announced they all will be incorporated in some way or fashion. Our goal was for it to not be anything comparable to a gimmick but to make these features truly a next-generation way of playing and interacting with the game.

GameSpy: Lets talk about the controller features that have been announced thus far. What are your thoughts on them and how will they “Revolutionize” gaming?

Martin Hollis: A lot of people (mostly in the press) seem to not completely understand the true potential of this controller. It is capable of everything that the GameCube controller is capable of and much more. It will Revolutionize gaming in the sense that not only is it going to revolutionize the way we play games and really push the industry forward as a whole. But also gives the user the ability to choose how they want to control games or characters. Now, keep in mind that this is all word of mouth and you didn’t hear this from me. But the word is that you may be able to view most if not all past Nintendo games on the virtual console in true next-generation graphics and sound…as well as online. You may also be able to implement many different art styles into old games. As well as import and export in-game models and game engines. I have also heard that Nintendo may be working on a way to mesh certain source codes so you can mix and match all kinds of different things. But of course this is just speculation and word of mouth. So I won’t make any promises to these features just be prepared to expect the unexpected.

GameSpy: There are many rumors that Nintendo has been working on a new way to render amazingly lifelike graphics without actually rendering anything using new graphics technology. Are there any truth to any of these rumors and what can we look forward to?

Martin Hollis: Well…(smiles) I really can’t go too much into any of that kind of stuff. Nintendo has almost been overkill about not letting any screenshots or trailers leaked to the press. But as to what you are referring to like NURBS or depth-mapped cube maps or the spec of the technology, Nintendo will make those announcements along side our trailer at E3 06’. Just be ready to be completely shocked…I can guarantee that the smokescreen will be blown away come next E3.

GameSpy: Some gaming fans are claiming that Nintendo will not show a screenshot or trailer because the graphics are simply not on par with the other two consoles. Is this speculation without merit or could this be the case?

Martin Hollis: As I said before I really can’t comment on the graphics technologies of the console’s hardware. But rest assured that Nintendo has never manufactured the weakest powered hardware and that won’t change this go around. As to the speculation…did Nintendo not show off the DS’s graphics because they were afraid that it would look underpowered in comparison to the PSP…no. Nintendo was not afraid in the least to showcase the DS’s graphics. Even though they were certainly not as grand as the PSP. Nintendo is definitely not holding back the graphics because they don’t look as good. They just at least for the time being…want for the controller and innovative features to be the prime focus, so the press and what not doesn’t get too hung up on polygon count or dynamic lighting or bump mapping. So the claim that they aren’t releasing screenshots or trailers because they are ashamed of the graphics power is completely absurd.

GameSpy: Can we all agree that Nintendo has a lot more in store for fans in terms of the Revolution?

Martin Hollis: Most definitely…remember Nintendo are the underdogs here. So it goes without saying that when they do fully unveil the entire package it will be quite a shock to a lot of people. The time that Nintendo fans should be watching is E3 06’ Press Conference.

GameSpy: How do you react to the mainstream casual gamers view of Nintendo as a kiddy system that is mostly for kids and young teenagers?

Martin Hollis: I think the idea that Nintendo only makes kiddy games is about the most uncredible statement that is widely accepted by casual gamers. They may not have the quantity of violent or Mature themed games that either Sony or Microsoft have but they do have them. In my opinion on average the Mature themed games they do have are of much greater quality than the other two. To give a few examples Resident Evil 4 was phenomenal, Eternal Darkness completely blew me away, Killer7 was simply a work of art. Among many others they do have them and the quality is consistently there.

GameSpy: Why did you choose Nintendo to be exclusive to seeing that your record with Rareware and reputation could have landed you any deal you wanted?

Martin Hollis: Nintendo is a company full of many artists and few business men. That I really respect seeing that the industry is becoming more of a cash cow to a lot of publishers and developers alike its nice to side with a company that doesn’t just see dollar signs as it goes into development. They are a company and always have been a company that really see’s video games as not just money making opportunities but as a way of creative expression through interactive media. The Wind Waker was a real breath of fresh air through style and substance that created a perfect balance. Even though the Triforce hunt at the end was a bit unfinished I still think its one of the best games of all-time

GameSpy: Is there anything that you don’t agree with Nintendo on be that marketing, being conservative with information etc.?

Martin Hollis: Well, their marketing has always lacked a lot to be desired but I see that has really started to change since the DS was released and Fils-Amie took over marketing. But being conservative right now with info on their console is really the only way to go seeing that they are really the underdog market-share wise. But I suspect certain aspects of the console will be revealed before the end of this year and I‘m sure that our title will help to end the idea that Nintendo is only for kids.

GameSpy: What was the reason or reasoning’s that you left Rareware. Leaving all that history and Franchises you made famous must have been hard. Would you care to elaborate on that?

Martin Hollis: People always ask me why I left Rare but there were a lot of reasons for us to part ways in the end. One of those reasons were that I do not respect that Microsoft has entered the game and is trying to take a monopoly over this industry like they did the PC industry. They are basically trying to buy their way in and buy people out. When they started to purchased Rare we knew it was going to happen but I already had plans on starting my own studio. So when Microsoft made the bid I knew it was time for me and my team to go elsewhere. It was hard leaving Perfect Dark Zero behind and having it developed by a less experienced team but I really needed to move on to bigger and better things.

GameSpy: One last question before you go. Do you think within the press and media especially in the last generation that there has been a lot of persistence of trying to edge Nintendo out? Or trying to get casuals to accept the notion that Nintendo is only a niche player?

Martin Hollis: I think that is a fair assumption. But it’s not only the media and press that is to blame. Microsoft and Sony regularly throw money at corporate events and publications and even television broadcasts are massively paid off by Sony and Microsoft through contributions. They pay them to downplay competitors products to keep the notion alive that Sony and Microsoft are the key players. This is of course not the case but the media gets paid to make it look that way. But a portion of blame also rests on Nintendo’s shoulders as well. Because they could do the same thing as Sony or Microsoft but they have chosen not to be pro-active up until recently in terms of marketing and buzz on their products. So it has been a lot of factors but this has begun to change substantially since the launch of the DS and will continue to get better.

GameSpy: Well, thank you for you time and we hope to do it again soon and good luck on the game.
Martin Hollis: It was a pleasure and I hope to do it again.

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Blogger Red Bull and Vodka said...

Great article TGS4. Probably the most positive Revolution article I have seen anywhere to date. Certainly more informative than Osoko's stuff, and without letting any major cats out of the bag (Ososkos' usual excuse for not really saying anything), he at least gives us a taste of what is to come.

If what this third party developer is saying is true, Revolution sounds like it could be a ferking monster. I hope we can hear some similarly "you will be shocked" comments from a more cross-platform developer. Zoonami obviously has a Nintendo bias, but to hear something like this from the lips of a Capcom, Ubisoft or EA exec. would certainly make the boys at $ony and X-Lax nervous.

IMHO - E3 will be Nintendo's show. The 360 will be old news, and the PS3 will just be prettier and faster than the PS2. If this guy's claims are true, then at half the price of the the competition Nintendo could be the system of choice come the holiday season of '06. Can't ferking wait !!!

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Blogger Thunder Emperor said...

sorry guys gamespy has stated teh article is false.

11:18 PM  
Blogger tgs4ever said...

Where is the link? :(


4:31 AM  
Blogger Red Bull and Vodka said...

Link for the discussions is;

It's still to be proven one way or the other, but no-one at Gamespy has confirmed it yet. Would be nice if it was real, a shame if it was not.

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Blogger tgs4ever said...


According to David Jaffe (GOW of PS2):

I like it, can't wait to play with it... worried -- as a player -- it could be a novelty that gets old... but Nintendo is not dumb and they must know the whole 'novelty burnout' is a risk so they are prob. doing all they can to make sure that doesn't happen... I think it's a great idea....


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Blogger tgs4ever said...

OSOKO TANAKA HAS SAID THE TRUTH about ZELDA on his first posts.

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Blogger 666jekke666 said...

Osoke you are very quiet has nintendo kidnapt u again :D

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