Tuesday, October 18, 2016

3Parties + 2 NX Editions

Platinum Games



What's coming now? VR? Not, sorry! VR is not ready, not like Nintendo's way.

Also ...
         ... 2 NX Edition. It is not about the power. is about the pack. Power is enough for games. Awesome games. 


Blogger Sebatians World said...

VR is Not Social, So It won t come like Sony s way! And it s too expensive!!! I think some Kind of new 3D experience wirhout glasses, better than 3DS, will more likely come !! And your Picture of the Marios is very exciting Mr. Tanaka! So a new 3D Mario will come and Not only a 2D side-scrolling i Hope!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Sebatians World said...

I ever wondered why nintendo didn't combine the 3ds technique with the WII motion Control! So for example when the new mobile NX screen will have a 3D Screen, You coud take the Controller on It and Play directly without TV. Emagine Playing Pikmen with It. You Throw the Figure in 3D out of the Screen! That would ne Great, wouldn' It ? 😉

12:50 PM  

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